Alec and Stefan, founders of Floraly

Reinventing Flower Delivery

Big flower companies (you know who!) do nothing but forward orders on to a local florist, while taking up to 35% of your money. We founded Floraly because we wanted to do things differently. No more old, ugly, expensive arrangements - just stylish bouquets sent fresh from the farm. Meet Alec: the flower fanatic and floral creative who loves crafting exquisite and beautiful bouquets (favourite flower: a coral Peony Rose); and Stefan: the floral evangelist who loves working with producers to find the freshest and most unique blooms (favourite flower: Bird of Paradise).

More Than Just Flowers

We believe that sending flowers should be easy. No more old websites, hidden costs and garish arrangements that look like they have come straight out of the 80's. And no more wasted flowers.

Big flower companies force your local shop to stock flowers in advance, waiting to be ordered. By the time they reach you, your flowers could be well over a week old and nearing the end of their vase life. Even worse is the waste - around 1 in every 3 flowers destined for your local shop die before they are sold. We were determined to find a better way!

flower bouquet on bedside table
the Floraly difference

The Floraly Difference

To bring you the freshest and most beautiful bouquets, we had to design a completely new supply chain from the ground up. We met with Australia's biggest growers and wholesalers, and set out to change flower delivery in Australia.

Fresh flowers are at the heart of everything we do, but spreading joy is the reason we exist. We are constantly looking for ways of improving the purchasing experience and our customer service, and while we don't always get every detail perfect the first time (although that's our goal!), with our Happiness Guarantee you can rest assured that we'll go the extra mile to solve any problems you might have and make things right.

We want to make ordering and receiving flowers with Floraly as easy and joyful as possible, and we hope you love the experience. Find out more about what makes us different.