Your Guide to Australian Native Flowers

Your Guide to Australian Native Flowers

If you're after a list of the best Australian native flowers, you've come to the right place.

If you love Australia and its distinct flora and fauna, you're going to love these native Australian flowers. If you want to send flowers for a birthday, anniversary, or just to thank someone, an Australian native flower bouquet is a beautiful option.

Australian native flowers are hardy and are very well suited to our country’s hot climate. This means you can send natives confidently, knowing they will arrive looking fresh and almost certainly outlast most other flowers. 

Australian native flowers also continue to look great when they dry, meaning you can keep a bouquet for months or even years!

If you are looking to send flowers for a birthday, anniversary or just to thank someone, then don't look past sending a bunch of beautiful natives.

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Now, let’s dive straight into everything you need to know about Australian native flowers.

grand seasonal natives bouquet

Sending an Australian Native Flowers Bouquet

When deciding to send natives, most florists offer the option of sending a pure Australian native flowers bouquet that only contains native species. 

Alternatively, you could opt for a mixed arrangement that contains natives, like the Banksia, alongside non-native wildflower species. This unexpected and eclectic mix can give your bouquet that extra ‘wow’ factor! 

At Floraly, we offer three different Australian native flower bouquets, featuring a mix of homegrown blooms and non-native wildflowers: The Morgan, The Zara and The Idalia. Come December, we also offer our limited-edition Holiday Bouquet, featuring beautiful Australian native Christmas bush.

We also offer a mixed seasonal native bunch that includes a wide variety of native flowers and foliage. This bouquet will contain whichever natives are thriving at any point in the year.

Our Seasonal Natives bouquet may include Australian natives like banksias, golden wattle, Geraldton wax and eucalyptus leaves, but it may also contain South African proteas, pincushions and leucadendrons. 

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waratah bouquet

Australian Native Flowers for Weddings

There has been an increasing trend for couples to pick natives as their flower of choice for their wedding reception. 

As mentioned, natives are durable and resilient to temperature changes, making them ideal for weddings. You won’t have to worry about your flowers drooping or drying out in the days or hours before your big moment!

Many Australian couples also love that their native flowers represent their connection to the land they are marrying on.

When it comes to incorporating native flowers into your wedding, there are a few different options. 

If you feel especially connected to native flowers, you may like to hold them close as you walk down the aisle. 

If you love the earthy tone and textures, perhaps you’ll use Australian native flower arrangements as table centrepieces. 

You could also thread natives through your wedding arch to create a beautiful backdrop for your special ceremony. 

The best part? You can create your own dried Australian native flower arrangements when all is said and done! Take a look at our guide on how to dry Australian native flowers.

Our Favourite Australian Native Flowers

Below, we’ll take a closer look at eight of our favourite Australian native flowers. 

orange banksia


Banksias are one of the most iconic native Australian flowers. 

These are true Australian native flowers and come in a variety of different sizes. They actually range from small woody shrubs up to the tree of up to 30 metres in height.  

There are actually around 170 different types of Banksia in a range of different sizes and colours. Your florist is sure to have picked out a selection of beautiful varieties that you can send. Some favourite choices are the giant candles or cherry candles.

red bottlebrush


Bottlebrushes are a very popular garden flower, and are endemic to Australia. 

These stunning native Australian flowers arrive in a range of colours, including pink, green, yellow, cream, and most famously, red.

The flowers are loved by wildlife as they supply nectar to many different species of insects and birds. They are also a lovely addition to a bouquet.

red waratahs


There are no arguments that this flower is native to Australia. 

It is, in fact, the floral emblem of New South Wales. The Waratah also gets its name from the Aboriginal word "warada", meaning beautiful, which it most certainly is. 

You can often find this native flower in decorative art in Australia. The amazing stained glass windows of Sydney Town Hall are adorned with this beautiful flower. And who can forget that NSW even named their rugby union team the Waratahs!

grevillea flowers


These fascinating native blooms are also known as "spider flowers", thanks to their long, thin petals. They're brightly coloured, blooming in shades of yellow, pink and red, and make popular additions to home gardens.

billy buttons

Billy Buttons

Also known as Craspedia, the billy button is part of the daisy family. They are native to both Australia and New Zealand and are found everywhere except in the Northern Territory.

Billy buttons look amazing and almost alien-like with their bright bobble globe-shaped heads. These native flowers really add texture, colour and a sense of fun to a bouquet of flowers.

waxflowers and bud wax

Wax Flowers

Wax flowers grow as a flowering shrub, with many blooms on each stem. It is often used as a beautiful filler flower for bouquets. 

They are long-lasting and come in a wide variety of colours. The pink and lilac wax flowers can really make a bouquet stand out and are often also used in wedding bouquets as they are a sign of lasting love and patience. 

golden wattle


Acacia is the scientific name for this native beauty which is also known as mimosa, thorn tree. 

Golden Wattle is Australia's national floral emblem and grows in south-eastern Australia, around the ACT, in southern NSW, and across much of Victoria. 

The Acacias are our largest genus of plants with around 750 different species. A number of species of Wattle were used traditionally by Aboriginal people for medicine, fuel, food and woodcraft.

Interestingly, the 1st of September is known as Wattle Day, as on the 1st of September 1988 the Golden Wattle was officially declared as Australia’s national floral emblem. 

It has had an official place on the Commonwealth coat of arms since 1912 and on the insignia of the Order of Australia. 

If you are sending someone flowers for becoming an Australian citizen be sure to include some wattle in the bunch! It will help to create a beautiful Australian native flower bouquet fit for an Aussie!

yellow eucalyptus flowers


If you are sending a bouquet of Australian native flowers, or if you’re putting together a native flower arrangement, it would not be complete without a little eucalyptus foliage.

There are more than 700 different eucalyptus species, making them one of the most diverse plant groups in the entire world. And, fascinatingly, the majority of them are native to Australia.

While they're best known for their fragrant leaves (also known as gum leaves), eucalyptus trees do also flower. The flowers are typically red, pink, white or yellow and have a strange, fuzzy appearance that is undeniably Australian. Like grevilleas and bottlebrushes, eucalyptus flowers produce a sweet nectar, which bees, birds and butterflies love!

A Final Word on Australian Native Flowers from Floraly

Now that you’re equipped with key points about famous Australian native flowers, you can begin planning to send the best Australian natives bouquet!

If you want to send a little bit of Australiana to someone you love to celebrate the birth of a new child, a birthday, an anniversary or, of course, becoming an Australian citizen, native flowers are without a doubt the best option.

Floraly offers same-day delivery of our Seasonal Natives bunch within Sydney, Perth and Melbourne Metro areas, and next-day to the rest of Australia. Our other natives-inspired flower arrangements are also available for next-day delivery around Australia. 

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