Apology Flowers and Bouquets

Everyone makes mistakes. Whether you’ve said the wrong thing or messed up big time, we know it can be awkward to say you’re sorry. Luckily, our apology flowers are here to help you mend that bridge and make it up to them.

When you’re looking for flowers that say “I’m sorry”, some are better than others. Roses are the universal symbol of love, and perfect for apologising to your wife or girlfriend. Similarly, pink and red tulips convey love and affection.

Tulips also represent new beginnings, and are a great choice when apologising to a friend. If you’re hoping to put a smile on a friend’s face, sunflowers can be a nice way to say you’re sorry, too.

Yellow carnations symbolise sorrow and regret, and are ideal when you want to offer someone an apology. For something a little more subdued and respectful, opt for white lilies or native flowers.

Your apology flowers will be delivered in our signature gift box, along with a card for your personal message. This part is crucial—be sure to add your sincere apology message on the cart page, so your loved one can know how truly sorry you are.

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