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We’re on a mission to become Australia’s most loved, most sustainable flower gifting company. We’re also here to change the way you receive flowers. We use technology to reduce flower waste to just 3%, focusing on delivering flowers that are closer to bud so they bloom in your home and last longer, all while buying a meal for someone in need via OzHarvest and carbon-offsetting a portion of our daily business operations via Greenfleet Australia. 


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Giving Back

We are passionate about helping people and protecting the planet. We’ve teamed up with OzHarvest so that every bunch of flowers sold also buys a meal for somebody who needs it.

In addition, we work with Greenfleet Australia to offset over 500 tonnes of carbon emissions* generated by our daily business operations each year. In so doing, we help Greenfleet plant native Australian trees in an effort to restore critical ecosystems and protect our country's unique flora and fauna. Visit greenfleet.com.au for more information about how we offset our carbon emissions. 

Thanks to both of these initiatives, we're able to offset over 500 tonnes* of carbon emissions generated by our business operations each year.

*Based on FY23 figures.

Cutting Down On Waste

Uncertain demand means one in every three flowers destined for a local florist die before being bought. That’s a lot of waste! Because we source the vast majority of our flowers to order, we've reduced our overall flower wastage to 3% or less.

Supporting Local Growers

We’re passionate about supporting Australia’s amazing local flower growers – from Victorian tulips, Queensland sunflowers, NSW lilies and Banksias from WA. Not only does buying local support our farmers, it also means fresher flowers that last far longer than imported ones.

Meet The Team

Stefan Muff
Stefan has a proven record of success as a serial entrepreneur, starting and scaling a number of multi-million-dollar e-commerce businesses in Australia and the UK. In addition, he is a co-founder of startup accelerator Idea Crunch, which focuses on replicating successful business models from overseas that don't yet exist locally.

Alec Ramsey
Alec is an energetic leader with a focus on strategic positioning, branding and early stage growth. He is the co-founder of a number of multi-million-dollar businesses as well as startup accelerator Idea Crunch, and believes strongly in shaping environmentally and socially sustainable practices while actively promoting equality in the workplace.
Leah Bryant
Lead Florist
Leah is well versed in the art of spreading joy through floristry. Proactive and adaptable with a keen eye for design, she is responsible for crafting our seasonal bouquets and training our florists to create Floraly's signature arrangements.

Matt Barker
Head of Operations
Matt is experienced in leading cost efficient operations through high performance team-building and process improvement. He is focused on streamlining all parts of Floraly's operations - from supply-chain logistics and our flower sourcing process, through to order fulfilment.