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One of Melbourne's oldest suburbs, Collingwood is today a thriving, cosmopolitan neighbourhood, right on the fringes of the Melbourne CBD. It's home to so much more than just the Collingwood AFL club. In Collingwood you'll find plenty of industrial-chic cafes, creative studios, record stores, cool galleries, speakeasy bars, diverse restaurants and more. Add an exciting nightlife scene to that mix, and that explains why young professionals and those of the hipster crowd like to call this neighbourhood home. Collingwood residents enjoy a mix of refurbished warehouses and old-school terraces, interspersed with more modern apartments. This blue collar suburb has a rich history and a unique character, and our bouquets would be perfect for anyone living there. If you're looking to buy flowers in Collingwood, see below for a list of local Collingwood florists. Or, if you're looking to get flowers delivered to Collingwood, order online now with us and get 10% off when you subscribe to our newsletter.


Here’s a list of all the florists we know of in and near Collingwood. If we’re missing anyone, let us know!

Rose Studios (17 Johnston St, Collingwood)

Thrive Flowers and Events (12 Dight St, Collingwood)

Flowers by Tribal Rose (257 Smith St, Fitzroy)

Hattie Molloy (103 Brunswick St, Fitzroy)

Scent of a Flower (135-137 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy)

Flowers Vasette (247 Brunswick St, Fitzroy)

The Empty Vase Melbourne (215 Brunswick St, Fitzroy)

Floral Architecture (108/110 Moor St, Fitzroy)

Flowers For All (69 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy


The cafes in Collingwood have some of the best coffee in Melbourne — and that’s saying something in a city renowned for its coffee culture. The cuisine on offer is also incredibly diverse. From Japanese rice bowls to Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine, there’s something for every palate in this neighbourhood. Countless bars pepper the length of Smith St, drawing crowds in with their extensive cocktail menus and moody vibes. Collingwood also has numerous live music venues, including the popular Tote Hotel, for supporting local and international acts. The shopping options are fantastic and unique, with many vintage furniture and clothing boutiques to choose from. If you’re looking to send flowers to Collingwood, make it special with our Seasonal Natives bouquet, delivered in our signature gift box.

Not sending flowers to Collingwood? Here are some of the nearby suburbs we deliver to: Abbotsford, Albert Park, Fitzroy, Fitzroy North and Southbank. Check out a full list of all the suburbs we deliver to in Melbourne, or visit our Melbourne flower delivery page for more information.