How to Create the Perfect Easter Flower Arrangement

How to Create the Perfect Easter Flower Arrangement

If you're looking to create your own Easter flower arrangement, keep reading to find out the best kinds of flowers to use, plus a few Easter flower decoration ideas.

Not only is Easter Sunday a time for giving chocolate and spending time with loved ones, it’s also a great time of year to decorate the home with sweet-smelling flowers! 

You can complement your Easter-themed home decor with a number of creative Easter flower arrangements.

Whether you’re celebrating Christian traditions or just wanting to share the joys of the four-day weekend this Easter, make it special with an Easter flower delivery from Floraly. 

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If you're looking to create your own Easter bouquet at home, keep reading to find out the best kinds of flowers to use, plus a few Easter flower decoration ideas.

Types of Easter flowers

There are a few different flowers traditionally associated with Easter, whether by the time of year they bloom or by religious significance.

white easter lily

Easter lilies

If you were to ask people what flower is associated with Easter, the Easter lily will be the most common answer.

In traditional Easter flower arrangements, Easter lilies symbolise purity, goodness and divinity.

These trumpet-shaped flowers are associated with the resurrection of Christ, which is celebrated on Easter Sunday. They are also said to have been found blooming in the Garden of Gethsemane after Jesus' death; this garden was where Jesus went to pray before his crucifixion. 

Their scientific name is Lilium longiflorum, and they actually flower in mid-summer, meaning in the southern hemisphere they are typically held back and forced to bloom later, while in the northern hemisphere they are forced to bloom earlier.

If you can't find Lilium longiflorum specifically, white oriental lilies may be a nice alternative for your Easter flower decorations. You'll find these kinds of lilies in our Mel bouquet.

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easter flowers easter daisies asters

Easter daisies

Also known as Michelmas daisies, Easter daisies are actually asters. Asters are a close relative of daisies, and they both belong to the Asteraceae family. 

Easter daisies bloom for a period of about 3 to 4 months, right around the time of—you guessed it—Easter.

These dainty blooms flower in shades of white, pink and purple, and they make a wonderful addition to Easter flower arrangements. You'll find Easter daisies in our Cynthia Posy.

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When summer comes to an end, tulips start to re-emerge in early autumn. In Australia, that means they're right in season around Easter time.

Not only do tulips make elegant additions to Easter flower arrangements, these pink, orange, purple, yellow, light pink or red petals give brightness to any room.

Plus, when the petals are closed, tulips even resemble Easter eggs! At Floraly, we offer a Mixed Tulips bunch, perfect for Easter decorating or flower gifting.

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easter flowers daffodils easter bells


In Germany, daffodils are known as Easter bells! These cheerful yellow flowers bloom at the beginning of spring, symbolising rebirth and new beginnings. This meaning ties in perfectly with the symbolism of the rebirth of Christ.

Unfortunately, daffodils aren't in season in Australia at Easter time. You'll find them around August and September, when winter is about to come to an end. And when they're around, you'll find daffodils in our Daphne Posy.

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easter flowers pink hyacinths


Though traditionally a spring flower, you'll start to see hyacinths coming into season in Autumn in Australia.

These blooms flower in beautiful shades of pink, purple, blue and white, a very Easter-appropriate palette. You'll find hyacinths, when they're available, in our Cynthia Posy at Easter time. 

easter tree decoration

Easter flower arrangement ideas

Arranging your own Easter flower bouquets and decorations can be a fun activity to do on your own or even with the kids. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Split up your blooms - Find a collection of bud vases or tiny vessels and place them along a mantelpiece, giving them space to breathe and look pretty. It’s such a simple Easter flower arrangement idea that can make a huge impact in your home decor
  • Create a rustic Easter tree - Find a large vase and place long branches or sticks inside. These can be foraged from your own backyard. Then, hang Easter eggs from them. They may be simple paper cut-outs (which your little ones can colour in themselves) or you could attach string to dyed eggs and hang them like ornaments
  • Easter table flower centrepieces - Simply pick out your favourite vase and your Easter flowers of choice, such as tulips or white lilies, and place it in the centre of your dining table when guests come over for lunch or dinner on Easter Sunday. Pop a rattan tray under your vase to protect the tabletop and add an extra homely touch to the display. 
  • Scale down to smaller flower arrangements - Big isn’t always best. You can place tulips or lilies in glasses or mason jars and display them among some delicious dishes on your Easter lunch table
  • A vase within a vase - Place your Easter flowers inside a flower jar or small vase. Then, place that inside a larger vase, leaving room on the sides. Fill the space with easter eggs (real or decorative) to make a cute and colourful Easter tabletop decoration 
  • Create Easter wreaths, similar to the door-hangers you would use at Christmas. These Easter flower arrangements embrace nature and give you the freedom of adding colours to your doorstep. Australian natives would make a wonderful addition to an Easter wreath
  • Easter flowers in a Kenzan - A kenzan is used in traditional Japanese flower arranging. It's topped with spikes, which hold the flowers upright. Place the kenzan inside a suitable ceramic dish. Using any flowers you desire (such as roses, poppies, daisies etc), simply stick the stems into the spikes and arrange to your liking. Partly fill the dish with water, and you'll have a lovely, minimalist Easter flower arrangement. 

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