What are traditional Easter flowers?

What are traditional Easter flowers?

Thinking of sending flowers as a gift to someone this Easter? Here's a handy guide to traditional Easter flowers, and our favourite flowers that bloom at this time of year.

Easter is an important time of year. It's a time of religious significance, first and foremost, but also a time that many of us come together to be with our families. Hot cross buns, bunnies and chocolate eggs are often enjoyed and exchanged, among other gifts. 

In the northern hemisphere, Easter falls in the middle of spring, when lots of beautiful blooms are flowering. But don't worry, you're not missing out on all the fun and beauty of Easter flowers just because it's autumn in Australia! There are still plenty of beautiful blooms in season here in April. 

yellow flowers with easter decorations

If you’re looking to send flowers as a gift to someone this Easter, or to get some pretty blooms to decorate your own home, here’s a handy guide on our favourite Easter flowers.

Is there a traditional Easter flower?

white easter lily

There sure is — white lilies are most commonly associated with Easter. Representative of love, hope, purity and innocence, churches and other religious places of worship are often decorated with them during Easter. They were featured in the Old and New Testaments in the Bible too, hence making it the key flower associated with Easter. Now that’s a fun fact you can share around at gatherings! 

What other flowers are associated with Easter?

Easter daisies

purple easter daisy also known as aster

A top favourite of ours would definitely be Easter daisies, also known as Aster. These dainty blooms flower in autumn, a time when other popular flowers, such as dahlia, start to lose their bloom. They come with white, purple or pink petals and yellow centres.

Easter daisies look great in a bunch by themselves or as part of a larger arrangement. Symbolising purity, innocence, and loyalty, they are perfect for decorating the home at Easter time, or even for hiding Easter eggs for a hunt!


pink and orange tulips in a vase

Tulips are also closely associated with Easter. In some places, tulips are perennial, meaning they bloom year-round. Sadly, they don't do well in hot weather, so naturally they take a bit of a break during summer in Australia. That also means they come back into bloom right around the time of Easter, when the weather starts to cool down again. Lucky for us!

A timelessly elegant flower that comes in many vibrant colours, tulips are a delightful addition to any setting, representing the celebration of love and new life. They make a great gift for someone special at Easter, or even for mum or grandma on Mother's Day. If you're feeling inspired to send Tulips to someone special now, why not check out our Mixed Tulips bunch?

Tulips are best displayed in long, tall vases for a refined and stylish look as the bulbs slowly open. When you trim the stems and pop them in water, they'll actually continue to grow taller - just another interesting fact you can wow your friends and family with this Easter long weekend! 

Sim Carnations

purple, pink and peach carnations on a white background

If you’re going for a soft and subtle look this Easter, sim carnations would look beautiful on display. Long-lasting with tall stems and velvety petals, they come in a wide variety of shades including red, orange, pink, yellow, and purple. Ideal as a gift to convey your well-wishes to friends, or fashioned into ornamental balls to be hung, carnations are a versatile flower that can be styled to your liking this Easter.


hyacinth flowers in a field

While perhaps not traditionally thought of as Easter flowers, hyacinths come into season around autumn in Australia, so we think they're perfect for Easter flower gifting.

Hyacinths are unlike the other blooms on this list, because each stalk features a cluster of dozens of small flowers. The petals come in a range of brilliant and unusual colours, like violet and dark pink, which helps them stand out in your home decor or in a bouquet gifted to a loved one. Plus, they have a really beautiful scent.

Our Cynthia Posy features hyacinth and makes a great centrepiece for your Easter lunch table!

posy with pink hyacinth, purple easter daisy, tea tree and spray chrysanthemum

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