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Sydney Flowers Delivered Cheap

Each day we curate seasonal native and non-native bouquets using the best flowers available and send them directly to you, fresh from the farm. By skipping the middle man, our flowers arrive fresher and last longer, and are more affordable than those you'd get from any of the big flower companies.

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Affordable Flower Delivery

Because big flower companies do nothing but forward orders on to a local florist, (while taking up to 35% of your money!), people have always assumed that flowers are expensive and should be saved for special occasions. But we wanted to make gifting flowers easier and more affordable. With seasonal bouquets at affordable prices, you can send flowers just to say hi to a friend you haven't seen in a while, to celebrate a 43 and a half birthday, or any reason at all! 

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Affordable for the planet

When we started looking around, it felt like everyone was offering the same garish, brightly coloured bunches that lack soul and creativity. And because orders are traditionally forwarded from big flower companies to local florists who must stock everything in advance, flowers were being wasted everywhere. In fact, in Sydney 1 in every 3 flowers destined for a local florist die before being bought - that's a lot of waste! Because we pack to order, we've reduced flower waste to below 3%. We also work with OzHarvest and Greenfleet Australia to offset over 500 tonnes* of carbon generated by our day-to-day business operations each year.

*Based on FY23 figures.

We believe gifting matters

We know that giving a gift is about more than what's inside the box. It's that feeling of joy knowing that someone is thinking of you - the excitement of being surprised, and the anticipation for what's inside that counts just as much. That's why we put extra effort into designing a full, affordable gifting experience, so they'll be smiling from the moment they receive the box, and keep smiling weeks later.

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We believe in transparency

The big flower companies are old and outdated, so we wanted to make sending flowers through our site as easy as possible, and you won't find any cheesy upsells like teddy bears and balloons. No hidden fees. Just awesome, fresh flowers!

While we aim to be perfect, flowers are unpredictable by nature, and occasionally we fall short of our goal (though we'll keep trying!). Our Happiness Guarantee means we stand behind our product and experience. Not completely satisfied? Contact us and we’ll make it right!