Mixed Stocks
Mixed Stocks
Mixed Stocks
Mixed Stocks
Mixed Stocks

Mixed Stocks

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About these blooms

Discover the magic and beauty of stocks! These fragrant flowers will have your space smelling like springtime for days and days. Sent while still mostly in bud, watch as your stocks open up and fill out to become the beefy beauties we at Floraly love oh-so much.

As well as being a gorgeous gift for someone you care about, our Mixed Stocks bunch would make a stunning centrepiece atop your dining table or coffee table. Plus, if you're looking for a cat or dog-friendly flower choice, stocks are considered non-toxic to our furry friends.

Please note: Our Mixed Stocks bunch includes assorted stocks in two or three complementary colours. While we'll do our best to match the colours pictured above, the exact mix of colours you or your recipient receive will vary depending on availability on any given day.

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