The Aries Posy

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Meet: The Aries Posy

It's Aries season! From March 21st to April 20th, we celebrate those born under this fiery sign. And Leah, our wonderful lead florist, has designed this gorgeous posy to be the perfect birthday gift for any Aries in your life.

Ruled by Mars, the planet named in honour of the Roman God of War, it's well known that an Aries will never back down from a fight. They're competitive, courageous, confident and charismatic, and practically impossible to ignore.

They're not just a fire sign — they are the fire sign. And with a colour palette inspired by the red, orange and yellow hues of a flame, our limited-edition Aries Posy is guaranteed to impress your Aries loved one when you get it delivered to their doorstep on their birthday!

About these blooms:

The Aries Posy features a seasonal selection of flowers and foliage, arranged in a glass posy jar. Flowers used may include banksia or disbud chrysanthemum, as well as spray chrysanthemums, alstroemeria and sunflowers.

Flowers are arranged in a free posy jar, along with flower food to keep blooms happy and healthy

Flowers arrive in bud whenever possible, then bloom at home in 24–48 hours

Sourced fresh daily, so substitutions may occur (but will be just as nice!)

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