Our guide to the 10 best Mother’s Day gifts

Top 10 Guide to the best Mother’s Day Gifts

Trying to select that perfect gift for Mothers Day can be a daunting task for many people. However, we have it covered with 10 great ideas for Mother's Day gifts that are sure to raise you up the family rankings with your Mum.

The most important thing to remember about Mother's Day is the date. This year Mothers Day in Australia is Sunday 9th May 2021. Next year Mothers Day is Sunday 8th May 2022. Put the dates in you diary and plan ahead to send the perfect gift to your Mum. With many of us separated from our Mums this year, you are far more likely to have to find an online gift.   

1) Mother's Day flower subscription

Being a flower company, you probably won't be surprised that our first suggestion for the best Mother's Day gift is flower-inspired. It is, however, flowers with a bit of a difference!

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Best mothers day gifts


 At Floraly we believe recognising and thanking you mother for everything they have done just once a year is not enough. Floraly specialises in Flower subscriptions which means you can send your Mum flowers on Mothers Day and then every month after that for a whole year. You can also buy your Mum the gift of a 3 or 6 month subscription. You can also choose between the seasonal florists choice or the premium bouquet selection. Floraly will deliver your subscription choice each month in a beautiful bespoke gift box. This Mothers Day gift is certainly likely to put you to number one in the sibling rankings with your Mum this year. shop our range

2) Healthy dog food subscription

This may seem like an unusual suggestion for a Mothers Day gift but I know that my Mum loves her dogs at least as much as me if not a bit more. My Mum’s dogs are as much a part of the family as any of her human children. Therefore, the health of your Mums dog is always top of mind for her and like they say you are what you eat, and this applies just as much to our little fury friends.


Mothers day gifts


Our friends at Lyka Pet Food have done extensive research into dog nutrition and created a range of healthy human grade food options for dogs. All their food and snacks are prepared with love by trained food and hospitality professionals in their Sydney Kitchen and even tested on humans. You can send a box that includes 2 weeks of meals for your Mums dog. This is an ongoing subscription with meals delivered to your Mum’s door every 2 weeks. The result will be healthier happier longer living companions for your Mum. What better gift to give to your Mum this Mother’s Day?

Even better our four legged friends at Lyka Pet Food have given us a special 20% discount of your first box. Just click here and your discount will be automatically applied at check out.

And hey if you have your own pack of hounds at home why not treat them too.

3) A bouquet of flowers

Flowers are without doubt the most popular gift you can send your Mum on Mother’s Day but in my experience, they are always a winner. This is also the best last-minute gift for Mother’s Day.shop our range 

Mothers Day flowers


If you forget and only remember on Mother’s Day it is still possible to get flowers delivered to your Mum for Mother's Day. To guarantee your Flower selection and delivery on Mother Day we do however recommend ordering a few days in advance as Mother's Day is one of the busiest days of the year for Florists. Floraly is an environmentally and socially conscious online flower delivery company. Flowers arrive fresher and in bud for longer lasting blooms and all of Floraly’s bouquets are delivered in beautiful bespoke gift boxes that include a card with your personalised Mother’s Day message. This makes the giving and receiving of flowers that bit more special. To top this all off every flower bouquet you buy for Mothers Day also buys a meal for someone who needs it through a partnership with Oz Harvest.

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4) Tea Subscription


Best Mothers Day presents


If your Mum isn’t a flower person but loves their tea then a Tea subscription could be the perfect Mothers Day present. Tea Tasters offer 6 or 12 months subscriptions with several boxes to choose from. T2 the well known brand of high quality teas offer a subscription where your mother will receive 4 surprise teas every quarter. You can select an ongoing subscription Netflix style or a fixed 12 month subscription. We think that this is a great gift for the tea loving Mothers and hey your Mum might even treat you to a few cuppas when you visit her.

5) Book Subscription

If your Mum is anything like mine she loves reading. I think this is a very thoughtful and unique gift for Mothers Day and probably not a gift your Mum is expecting this year.


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There are few options out there. One of our favourites is Well Read. They offer a Monthly subscription or an every 2 month subscription. These are priced at $35 per delivery. They also have some good one off Mothers Day pack gifts which could also be a good idea if you only want to send a gift on Mothers Day.

 6) A meal at her favourite restaurant

Mothers Day gifts

Hospitality venues have done it very hard this year so why not support them and treat your Mum to a beautiful Meal out with her partner, or even with you if you live in the same city. You could buy her a voucher for a meal at a restaurant you know she will love or at one of her favourites. Most people have also had far less visits out this year so this will be an especially great treat for your Mum this Mothers Day.

7) Sky Diving

If your Mum is more of an adrenaline junky, why not treat her to something a bit wilder this Mothers Day. How about a skydiving experience? You could even do the jump with her this Mothers Day.


Best gift for Mothers Day


There is nothing like sharing a thrilling adrenaline pumping experience with your Mum. It might however be best to check first that this is something your Mum would like to do. It will certainly be a Mothers Day present that will be remembered for some time. redballoon have plenty of options for Sky diving experiences across Australia.

8) A holiday to New Zealand

With the borders having just opened between Australia and New Zealand and no need to go into quarantine, why not treat your Mum to her first overseas trip in a long while.

Amazing Mothers Day Gifts

You could even go with her and spend some quality time away with your Mum. Alternatively if you have young kids its likely that you are probably the one who is going to have to buy the Mothers Day gift for their Mum/ your wife or partner. So why not book a trip across the Tasman for her from your kids and then you can tag along too. Better still you can then ask your Mum to look after the kids and get to spend some quality time with her Grand Children while you are relaxing in a Lodge in Queenstown, that’s a win win.

Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin and Air New Zealand are all now flying to New Zealand and if you get in quick there are some good deals to be had.

9) Wine Subscription

Yes I know another subscription, but we think mothers deserve more than a single gift once a year. We are all for sending our mothers a gift that will last beyond Mother’s Day. These days there is a huge array of Wine subscription and membership services to pick from. You can even sign up directly to your or your Mum's favourite vineyard, who will send out a wine pack every 3 or 6 months. I can personally recommend Petersons which is based in both the Hunter Valley ,Mudgee and Armidale. They have some wonderful reds and amazing Chardonnays. 

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For something a bit different however, we think Good Pair Days is a nice option for a Mother's Day present. They send out a box with 3 wines every month for as many months as you want. You can select a price per bottle and a let them select, or choose the wines yourself, or send a gift voucher for your Mum to make the selection herself. They have a quiz your mother can take so the team can get to know her tastes and offer wine suggestions that will be a winner with your Mum. The wine arrives in a beautiful box with tasting cards, food parings and matching recipes. Once your Mum has tasted the wines she can rate and review them and the team will learn what she loves and send out wines to suit her tastes in the following deliveries.

10) A home cooked meal

If you can, and you live close enough to your Mum, preparing a thoughtful home cooked family meal for your mother at your home or at your Mums house can be the best gift ever for Mothers Day.

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Often going out to a restaurant on Mothers Day can be a stressful occasion. Everywhere on Mother’s Day tends to be so busy and often you must select the expensive set menu and pay for a Sunday surcharge. Add in a few kids and the bill can really add up. A special home cooked family meal where your Mum has to do nothing, including the washing up, can be equally rewarding and often much more relaxing. To top it all off you could always also give her a lovely bouquet of flowers to make it the perfect Mother's Day gift.

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