Your Guide to the Best Housewarming Flowers

Your Guide to the Best Housewarming Flowers

Check out our guide to the best housewarming flowers, from sunflowers to tulips to daffodils, to congratulate the lucky new homeowner in your life.

So, a friend or family member has just gotten the keys to their new home. Lucky them! Whether they've bought a property or are renting a new place, housewarming flowers are the ultimate gift to express your congratulations.

At Floraly, we have a great range of bouquets and posies that would make beautiful housewarming flowers. 

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Are flowers a good housewarming gift?

Yes, absolutely!

Flowers are there at so many of life's biggest and happiest moments. Buying a house or moving out of home for the first time are both monumental occasions that should be celebrated.

Along with wine and chocolates, what goes hand in hand with celebrations? That's right—flowers!

What are the best flowers for a housewarming?

If you're looking for symbolic housewarming flowers, the good news is there are plenty of great options. 

gerbera flowers for housewarming in ceramic jug


When it comes down to the best flowers for housewarming, gerberas are a common first choice.

Gerberas are traditionally known as a happy flower. They almost look like mini sunflowers, but with a wider colour range.

With gerbera daisies, you can show admiration, cheerfulness, joy and love to the lucky new homeowner or renter. Any colour of gerbera will work, but our top picks would have to be pink, yellow, orange and white.


Roses are not just for Valentine's Day and wedding anniversaries, you know!

A bouquet of roses would make the perfect housewarming gift for someone you love.

Roses are also pet-safe, so are a perfect choice if your recipient is a cat or dog owner.

We'd perhaps steer clear of red roses, unless your recipient is someone you love in a romantic way or who particularly enjoys red roses. But pink, yellow, orange, white or even purple roses are all excellent choices when it comes to housewarmings.

If you can find them, we highly recommend Sunset Roses. These large, stunning blooms feature an incredible blend of orange, golden yellow, red and pink hues in their petals, and they look absolutely incredible when the petals open up.

white alstroemeria in white ceramic vase for housewarming


Alstroemeria flowers are a lovely way of showing friendship and devotion towards the new homeowners.

We love alstroemeria flowers because of how long-lasting they are. They can last up to three weeks in a vase once cut, and when given in bud their petals will continue to open up over the course of those 21 days. This means your lucky recipient will get plenty of enjoyment out of these lily-like blooms.

Alstroemeria comes in shades of yellow, red, pink, purple, mauve and more, as well as bi-colours. While these blooms may not look very impressive as buds, once they open up they provide incredible colour and vibrancy. 


If you're sending housewarming flowers in late October, November or early December, your may be lucky enough to get your hands on peonies.

These impressive flowers have a bit of a cult following, owing to their beauty and their infamously short flowering season.

Peonies are symbols of happiness, prosperity, good fortune and wealth, as well as happy marriage. This makes them a perfect housewarming flower to give to a newlywed or newly engaged couple.

pink tulips in vase flowers for housewarming


Available almost all year except during summertime, tulips are one of the most elegant flowers you can give for a housewarming.

If your lucky recipient takes great pride in their home or has a knack for interior styling, a bunch of fresh-cut tulips is sure to go down a treat with them.

Tulips come in an array of stunning colours, including pink, red, yellow, white, purple and orange. Perhaps you can give the new homeowner a bunch of tulips in their favourite colour?

A fun fact about tulips is that they will continue to grow once placed in a vase with water — how cool is that?!

A less fun fact about tulips, though, is that they are as toxic to cats and dogs as lilies are, so be wary of gifting these if there are pets in the home.

For an even more impressive housewarming gift, consider Double Tulips. With (as the name suggests) double the amount of petals, Double Tulips look more akin to peonies than regular tulips!


With their cheery yellow petals, daffodils are one of the happiest flowers around and are the perfect way to help someone brighten up their new home.

Other types of daffodils may have white or orange petals, and will be equally as beautiful as their yellow cousins.


A bunch of fresh hydrangeas will look absolutely incredible in a ceramic vase or comport, and make a stunning centrepiece atop an entryway table, dining table or sideboard in your loved one's new home.

With their pink, blue or white petals, beautiful hydrangeas also add a touch of elegance to any home. 

mixed australian natives and wildflowers housewarming

Australian natives

Hardy, long-lasting and unfussy, a bunch of Australian natives and wildflowers is an excellent housewarming gift for anyone in your life.

We think natives are an especially perfect gift if the homeowner or renter is new to Australia. Giving them a bunch of Australian natives will help them feel very welcome in their new country.


What flowers say congratulations better than sunflowers?

These immeasurably happy blooms are some of our absolute favourites, and are the perfect way to congratulate your friend or family member on their new home.

The best housewarming bouquets

We have a great range of housewarming bouquets here at Floraly, but these are some of our favourites.

the camille bouquet housewarming flowers

The Camille

If your recipient is a fan of anything pretty and pastel, The Camille is the perfect pick for them. With gerbera daisies, daisy chrysanthemums, roses, statice, and more, this bunch is a perfect way to delight new homeowners.

The Isolde

Has your best friend purchased a home at the beginning of spring? With asters, alstroemeria, and splashes of pinks and purple bordering sunflowers, The Isolde is the perfect way to mimic the sweetness of the spring season.

the sienna dahlia bouquet for housewarming

The Sienna

For a summertime housewarming, you can't go wrong with The Sienna. Featuring gorgeous summer-blooming dahlias alongside gerberas and mini delphinium flowers, this congratulations flower bouquet is soft, feminine, and will suit any new home.

The Freyja

Do you want housewarming flowers that speak boldness? The Freyja is a warm bouquet complete with striking red gerberas, sim carnations, and peachy orange roses to resemble an autumn sunset.

the maeve posy housewarming

The Maeve Posy

While not technically a bouquet, we still think our Maeve Posy deserves a mention on this list.

With lush gerberas, carnations, snapdragons, alstroemeria and more, the Maeve Posy is long-lasting and bound to add warmth and light to any room.

Seasonal Natives

Our Seasonal Natives bunch is always unique, changing week by week, month by month, as different natives become available.

Depending on the time of year, you'll find banksias, proteas, wattle, leucadendrons, pincushions and more in our Seasonal Natives bunch or our Natives Posy

Buy Housewarming Flowers at Floraly

At Floraly, we understand how housewarming flowers can be an incredibly thoughtful and wonderful gift for anyone who’s moved into a new home.

With our range of bouquets and posies on offer, there are many ways to communicate congratulations, love, care and well-wishes to your friend or family member as they embark on this exciting new chapter of their life.

You can get same-day delivery on selected housewarming flowers in Sydney & Melbourne Metro when you order before 12pm, and next-day delivery to almost everywhere else.

The flowers will be delivered in our signature gift box to the new homeowner's or renter's doorstep, along with a card for your personal message, so you can wish them 'Congratulations' or 'Happy housewarming!' with ease.

Explore our range today, and send joy to someone you care about.

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