Christmas Flower Gifts: Blooms That Spark Joy

Christmas Flower Gifts: Blooms That Spark Joy

Thinking of sending flowers for Christmas? Check out our list of fabulous Christmas flower gifts!

We might be biased, but when people ask “are flowers a good Christmas gift”, our answer is always a resounding YES. We’d argue that flowers are a great Christmas gift, in fact.

They’re the perfect gift for those who are impossible to buy for—because who doesn’t love flowers? 

They can often be delivered last minute; we’re delivering right up until Christmas Eve in Sydney & Melbourne Metro areas. 

And they can make for a really personal gift; send a bouquet of your recipient’s favourite blooms or flowers of their favourite colour and show them just how well you know them.

To inspire you, we’ve put together a list of our favourite Christmas flower gifts. And if you’re looking to get flowers delivered this Christmas, be sure to explore our curated range of fresh and dried Christmas flowers.

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Best Flowers for Christmas

Red roses are the official Valentine’s Day flower. Carnations and chrysanthemums are symbols of Mother’s Day. Easter daisies are associated with Easter.

But what flowers symbolise Christmas?

poinsettia plant


Poinsettia is perhaps the most common plant associated with Christmas. You can often find it in Christmas wreaths and decorations, adding a vibrant splash of red amongst the green foliage.

In Mexican folklore, there’s a tale of a poor child who placed weeds on an altar at Christmas Eve, which then blossomed into incredible red and green poinsettia—they call it “The Christmas Miracle.” 

In Christianity, the red leaves of the poinsettia plant have come to symbolise the blood of Christ, while the plant’s star-like shape has come to symbolise the Star of Bethlehem, also called The Christmas Star.

Poinsettia plants are often gifted in the lead-up to Christmas, as a symbol of hope, joy and love.

And despite not actually being a flower, poinsettia is also one of the December birth flowers, along with holly and narcissus.

christmas bush

Christmas Bush

Endemic to New South Wales, Ceratopetalum gummiferum, a.k.a Christmas bush, is often associated with Christmas in Australia. 

This is because the plant turns a beautiful red-pink hue in the summer, often just before Christmas. It’s a symbol that Christmas has arrived, and makes a lovely addition to Christmas bouquets.

red lilies


Lilies are one of the most popular flowers in the world. They’re popular as condolence flowers, birthday flowers, get well soon flowers and more. But they also make fantastic Christmas flowers.

Red and white lilies, in particular, are popular in Christmas flower arrangements. They’re showy and beautiful, but they also fit the traditional Christmas colour theme perfectly.

To discover more about the most popular Christmas flowers, check out our blog article

Best Christmas Bouquets

If you’re looking to send a bouquet of beautiful blooms to someone special this holiday season, you’ve come to the right place. At Floraly, we have a range of stunning Christmas flower bouquets to delight your friends, family and other important people in your life.

the holiday bouquet

The Holiday Bouquet

This is our most popular Christmas floral arrangement. Bursting with colour and featuring a stunning selection of gorgeous natives, The Holiday Bouquet is guaranteed to impress anyone you send it to. It also makes for a beautiful decoration atop a table in your own home.

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the chrissy bouquet

The Chrissy

This fun and festive bouquet was inspired by the quintessential Aussie Christmas: backyard cricket, sizzling barbecues, water fights, afternoon thunderstorms. White Christmases are great, but there’s just something so special about a hot and humid Christmas down under.

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Other Great Christmas Flower Gift Ideas

christmas flower basket

A Christmas Flower Gift Basket

Using our DIY hamper builder, you can build a custom flower gift hamper for your loved one. Choose your blooms, add extras like wine, Christmas pudding and artisan chocolates, and then add to cart!

build a gift hamper

flower subscription

A Flower Subscription

What could be better than having beautiful, fresh flowers delivered to your home each month? With a Floraly flower subscription, you can treat a special someone in your life to exactly that.

Choose from a 3, 6, 12-month or ongoing plan, and we’ll deliver fresh flowers to your loved one once a month for each month the subscription lasts.

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A Christmas Floral Wreath

You can’t really go wrong with a wreath for Christmas. You can always buy pre-made ones, but the gift becomes even more wonderful when you make your own. We love this guide from Homes to Love

To make a simple floral Christmas wreath, start with a basic wreath frame (they can be made of metal, rattan, timber or any number of materials). Choose your foliage and flowers, and group them together into small bunches with florist’s wire. Position the bunches along the wreath frame and secure them with the wire.

For something that lasts a bit longer, opt for a dried Christmas floral wreath instead. These are just as easy to make as a fresh floral wreath, check out our guide here.

A Mini Living Christmas Tree

Floraly Tiny Christmas Tree

Okay, so ... this gift may not be flower-related, but we still think it's pretty neat! Our mini living Christmas trees are grown right here in Australia, and they're small enough to be sent through the post!

They come with all you need for set-up and decoration, including baubles, bells and fairy lights. And because they're still very much alive, they can be replanted after Christmas and enjoyed for many years to come.

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Send Flowers for Christmas with Floraly

At Floraly, we have a great range of fresh festive flowers to choose from. From elegant Christmas floral arrangements to more traditional bouquets, posies and single-variety bunches, you can always find the right blooms for your loved one in our Christmas collection.

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