How to nail dried flower wall decor

How to nail dried flower wall decor

Whether you've received a bunch of dried flowers as a gift or dried your own, read on and be inspired by these great dried flower wall decor ideas.

When you're thinking about creating a stunning wall feature in your home, we understand that dried flowers might not immediately spring to mind. But hear us out, because dried flowers are a great wall decor option!

Dried flowers are perfect for adding a splash of spring and a touch of boho style to your home. They're long-lasting, so you'll be able to get plenty of enjoyment out of your new dried flower wall installation. They also come in all kinds of colours and designs, so you're bound to find something to suit your style.

Not only that, you can easily create your own dried flower wall decor as a fun craft project. So whether you've received a bunch of dried flowers, picked up some dried blooms and grasses from the market or have dried your own flowers at home, read on and be inspired by these great dried flower wall decor ideas. 

Dried flower wreaths

wreath of dried flowers hung on a white wall

Image via Pinterest

To make your own dried flower wreath, start with a rattan ring (or some other kind of ring) as your base. Not sure where to find one of those? Etsy has a great range.

Using a glue gun, fix your dried flowers around the bottom section of your ring. Slowly work upwards and outwards, layering different textures and colours together. You can cover the ring entirely with your dried blooms, or concentrate your design only along part of it. Add a large bow, bells, pine cones or any other decorative elements you'd like—this is a custom piece, after all!

Once complete, use a simple wall hook to hang your wreath on a wall or door of your choosing. If you're renting, we recommend using stick-on Command hooks that can be easily removed from your walls without damaging them. 

We love this great step-by-step guide by Zoella on how to create an autumnal version. For a guide on how to create a more colourful wreath, check out this article by Better Homes & Gardens. ClassBento also has a great range of classes to teach you how to make your own dried wreaths at home.

Dried flower backdrop

dried flowers taped to a white wall beside a brown curtain, creating a flower wall backdrop

Image via Pinterest.

This concept, full of cute, country charm, is usually achieved with artificial flowers, but you can also use dried ones to similar effect. You can hang small branches and sprigs of dried lavender, billy buttons, cotton, daisies, baby's breath and more in this way—all you need is a bit of tape.

Because you’ll be sticking them to your walls, we recommend using wall-safe tape. This will ensure that, when it comes time to take down your dried florals, you won’t cause any damage to the walls.

Firstly, cut off any parts of the flowers you don’t want to display — any straggly leaves, browning petals, or long bits of stem — off they go. It would be handy having a trash bin nearby so you can throw the scraps away immediately. 

Once the flowers have all been trimmed clean, you can start taping them to the wall! There’s always the option to tape them neatly in vertical rows, or you can go for a more spread-out layout. For flowers with bigger heads, take note to tape them closer to the top of the stem, so it provides more support and they won’t droop down. 

This method is perfect for decorating your bedroom wall (particularly just behind your bed head), a reading nook wall if you have one, or even a nursery wall. 

We love this how-to guide by Clever Poppy. She uses artificial flowers, but you can apply the same ideas to dried flowers. 

Dried flower wall hangings

Here are two really easy ways you can hang your dried flowers, depending on your style preferences.

With a branch & twine

flowers hanging upside down on lengths of twine from a piece of driftwood, to create a dried flower wall hanging

Image via Blue Augustine

If you're going to dry your own flowers at home, this is a great way to achieve two things at once! Hang the flowers you're drying upside down along a length of twine or string. Attach these to a piece of driftwood for a rustic look, or a smooth timber or metal rod for a cleaner look. Then, attach this to your wall using hooks. 

For more detailed instructions, Blue Augustine’s got a detailed tutorial with everything you need to know to create the dried flower wall hanging pictured above. And don’t forget to check out our guide on how to care for dried flowers if you want them to look amazing for as long as possible!  

With pegs & twine

If you'd prefer something a little more minimalist or aren't too keen on having a piece of wood hanging from your walls, you can always create a simple flower wall display using pegs and twine.

Simply hang your length of twine across the wall, using either tape or hooks to fix it in place. Then, clip your dried flowers along the twine using pegs. We'd recommend buying some cute, smaller pegs from your local craft store, rather than using actual laundry pegs (though these will of course work just as well).

The peg option works best for small, single stem flowers or foliage, so be sure to cut them down so they won’t drop off easily. 

Dried flowers & fairy lights

flowers and fairly lights strung up on a wall in a zig-zag formation, creating a christmas tree

Image via Spell.

Flowers and fairy lights? Where do we sign up! During the day, your dried flowers will hang beautifully from the wall in all their glory. And in the evening, when you switch those fairy lights on, you'll illuminate them in perfect, cosy detail.

Spell’s got an incredible tutorial on how to DIY your own fairy light Christmas tree. But you can adapt their tutorial to create a lovely flowers-and-fairy-lights wall feature that can be displayed at any time of year! It’s all up to your creativity — don’t limit it to just Christmas. Arrange the fairy lights into any shape you like, and use small little pegs to clip the flowers along the fairy lights cable, along with anything else you'd like to add. From photos to cards, the sky’s the limit on how you want to decorate. 


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