How Long Do Dried Flowers Last? Tricks on Preservation

How Long Do Dried Flowers Last? Tricks on Preservation

How long your dried flowers last will depend on a range of factors. Read our blog to find out tricks on dried flower preservation and more.
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Dried flower arrangements are becoming increasingly popular. They make stunning statement pieces wherever they’re displayed, from our own interiors to retail stores, office reception areas, beauty salons and even wedding venues. They add a lovely pop of colour and rustic texture to a space, and are sure to garner more than a few compliments from people who see them.

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Not only are they beautiful and great for gifting (self-gifting included), they also have a much longer shelf life than fresh blooms. This means you can enjoy their beauty for a lot longer.

Just how long they last depends on a range of factors. What are those factors, you ask? Keep reading to find out...

So, how long do dried flowers last?

assortment of dried flowers in a white ceramic clamshell-shaped vase

Dried flowers are often referred to as “everlasting”, but the truth is dried flowers don’t last forever. But just how long do they last? 

The short answer is: it depends. The method of drying, the way they’re displayed and whether they’re properly cared for all play a part in determining how long your dried flowers will last.

In general, quality dried flowers can last for up to two or sometimes even three years when properly cared for. If they have been bleached or dyed, they may last even longer than this.

What about preserved flowers?

Wait—aren't dried flowers the same as preserved flowers? Not exactly. While drying is a method of preserving flowers, dried and preserved flowers are not the same thing.

Dried flowers have been dehydrated and had all their natural moisture removed. Preserved flowers, on the other hand, have had their sap and moisture replaced with glycerine. This process, which is more time-consuming and complex than simple drying, helps retain the natural colour and shape of the flowers, resulting in blooms that look more alive. 

Preserved flowers will last about the same length of time as dried flowers if left on display out in the open, but they can last up to a decade if kept in a sealed space, like a glass cabinet.

Which dried flowers last the longest?

small posy of dried lavender tied with twine

Not all dried flowers are created equal. Some blooms dry better and last longer than others. Some of the best and longest-lasting dried flowers include baby’s breath, lavender, hydrangea, roses and poppies.

Do dried flowers lose their colour?

dried white and purple roses on a table

As flowers dry, they naturally lose their vibrancy, and their colours can start to look washed out. Some methods of flower drying are known to preserve colour better than others, the silica gel drying method in particular. 

While the washed-out look gives the blooms a unique, rustic appearance that many may find ideal, it does also mean that dyeing is often necessary in order to give the blooms a more vibrant hue.

If your dried flowers have been dyed, they will likely not lose their colour for a long time, especially if they’re displayed in ideal conditions. Speaking of which...

Ideal conditions for displaying dried flowers

bouquet of dried flowers in a ceramic vase atop a mantelpiece beside a grey sculpture of a head and an artwork of a deer head with flower antlers

You can check out our blog post on how to care for dried flowers for a more complete guide, but we’ll also break down a few optimal conditions for displaying your dried flowers here.

No direct sunlight

Sunlight causes colour-fading of our clothing, rugs, artworks and even our hair—it makes sense that dried flowers are also not safe from the sun’s harsh, bleaching rays. Your dried flowers should be displayed in an area that’s out of direct sunlight, so if you were thinking of placing them in front of a north-facing window, you may want to explore alternative options.

No moisture or humidity

Dried flowers do not do well in moist and humid environments. They’ve had all their natural moisture pulled out of them, after all! Any contact with water can cause the stems and petals to go limp and turn brown, and can also cause dyes to leach. It also makes them more susceptible to mould. Damp and humid spaces should therefore be avoided, as should places where water splashing is common—bathrooms and kitchens, here’s looking at you.

Look, but don't touch

Dried flowers are extremely delicate, so you must be gentle when handling them. The good thing is, you shouldn’t need to touch your dried flowers all that often. Unlike fresh flowers, which may require some handling as you replace water in their vases or prune leaves, with dried flowers you can essentially “set and forget.”  

Additionally, be sure to place your dried flowers on a safe surface, where they won’t be easily bumped or knocked over by someone walking by, or by a naughty cat climbing on the furniture.

Bonus dried flower care tips

natural dried flowers

To go that extra mile to prolong the shelf life of your dried blooms, here are a couple of extra things you can do.

Apply a protective spray

If you want to give your dried flowers an additional layer of protection, you can always purchase a dried flower sealing spray. It helps to protect them from fading, dirt, moisture and discolouration—but be sure to spray them outdoors as the fumes can be toxic for inhalation. 

Apply three light layers and the flowers will be moisture and UV proof, retaining a natural look with a matte finish. It also helps to strengthen the fragile petals so they don’t flake off as easily. In a pinch, you can also use hairspray as a sealant, but this may provide less protection against UV rays.

Dust them occasionally

As with all decor items, dried flowers will ultimately start to collect dust after sitting stationary for so long. Use a gentle feather duster or a soft, dry cloth to give them a quick dusting every once in a while to maintain their vibrancy.


the margot dried flower posy in white ceramic vase, creamy white and neutral tones

Check out Floraly’s full dried flower collection today. All our dried arrangements come in a free white ceramic vase, so you or your recipient can open up the Floraly box they arrive in and display them instantly. And now that you know how long they last when kept in the right conditions, we hope you will enjoy your dried blooms for a long, long time to come!

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