Mother's Day Flowers for Every Type of Mum

Mother’s Day is one of our favourite times of the year at Floraly. We love celebrating mums of all kinds – mothers, grandmothers, mums-to-be, mother figures and all mums in between. 

This is the time to make those one-of-a-kind superwomen in our lives feel extra special, to show our love and appreciation for all that they are and all that they do.

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Flowers have long been a beloved Mother’s Day gift — and for good reason! They’re beautiful, fragrant and instantly brighten the home. 

At Floraly, we have the best Mother's Day flowers on offer, from tulips to roses to extravagant bouquets and more. We're confident you'll find the perfect blooms for your beloved mum in our collection.

When chosen carefully, flowers can also convey certain meanings and messages. On Mother’s Day, you’ll most likely be searching for blooms that say ‘thank you for all that you do’ and ‘I love you’.

If you’re looking for the perfect bouquet of Mother’s Day flowers, but are completely lost on what kind of flowers you should choose, we have you covered. Read on to make sure you pick the blooms that best suit yours!

The Maeve Posy Mother's Day Flowers

When is Mother's Day in Australia?

We get it—sometimes, Mother's Day can just creep up on you out of nowhere. Before you know what's happening, you're in a last-minute desperate dash to the shops the Saturday before Mother's Day, searching for the perfect gift.

If you’ve now entered a mild state of panic because you can’t remember what day Mother’s Day is in Australia, we’re here to help. 

In Australia, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday the 12th of May 2024. 

This is the same date as Mother's Day in the United States, but different to Mother's Day in the United Kingdom, which falls earlier in the year on the 10th of March.

Fortunately, a variety of beautiful flowers bloom in May in Australia, so you’ll be spoilt for choice!

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Our Top 7 Mother's Day Flower Arrangements

Our motherly figures do a lot for us, and while we believe in showing our mothers appreciation every single day, Mother’s Day is a special opportunity to show our love and gratitude through gift-giving. 

We’ve curated our top seven Mother’s Day flower bouquets that are guaranteed to bring joy to mums right across Australia. No two mums are the same, so throw the notion of traditional Mother’s Day flowers to the wind and spoil her with something that reflects her unique personality!

We have a bouquet for every type of mum — let’s take a look at them. 

The Mum: Mother's Day Bouquet

For the Kind, Warm-Hearted Mum: The Mum

Does mum always give you a nice, big hug every time she sees you, beaming with joy? Is she always patient in listening to your worries, and gives solid advice whenever you need it?

We have the perfect Mother’s Day flowers for her. The Mum bouquet was specially designed for Mother's Day gifting, featuring large "big mumma" chrysanthemums, spray chrysanthemums, plum or dark pink roses and stems of after dark. 

Why so many chrysanthemums, you ask? Chrysanthemums are the unofficial flower of Mother's Day — they've got "mum" in their name, after all!

These long-lasting blooms will continue sitting pretty long after Mother's Day has passed. 

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The Freyja Mother's Day Flowers

For the Bold & Beautiful Mum: The Freyja

Perfect for mums who get a little loud at family functions, who never leave the house without a red hot lippie or a colourful dress, who give the biggest hugs and aren't afraid to shower you with kisses. 

The Freyja is a bright and vibrant bouquet that instantly catches anyone’s attention. 

With a charming combination of bold reds, pink-orange hues, and pastel yellows reminiscent of a fiery autumnal sunset, this bouquet is an absolute stunner that no doubt reflects mum’s style and personality. She’s bound to love it if you get it delivered to her this Mother’s Day!

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Mixed Pink Tulips Mother's Day

For the Simple Yet Stylish Mum: Mixed Tulips

These are for the mums who give selflessly and never want anything in return, always caring for others. They're classy and uncomplicated, always making a fuss over others but never over themselves.

Nothing like a gorgeous bunch of Mixed Tulips to add a bit of colour to her day this Mother’s Day!

Here at Floraly, we send our tulips while they are still in bud, so they are as fresh as possible and mum can admire their petals slowly opening up at home. 

Ever so elegant with their long, clean stems and in a variety of solid colours, tulips are sleek and chic — just like mum.

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Seasonal Natives Mother's Day Flowers

For the Strong, No-Nonsense Mum: Seasonal Natives

You know her — she never complains and never quits, even when life gets tough. Sound familiar? If your mum's just like that, then she deserves a bunch of glorious Seasonal Natives this Mother’s Day.

From proteas to banksias, wax flowers and cone bushes, natives are a hardy bunch that last two to three times longer than traditional bouquets — that’s why they're the perfect Mother’s Day flowers!

They make for great decor pieces when dried too, so why not invest in a Mother’s Day gift that lasts for years instead of weeks? Read our guide on how to dry Australian Native flowers for the best tips and tricks.

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The Mel White Mother's Day Flowers

For the Elegant & Sophisticated Mum: The Mel

Maybe mum or grandma has a couch that you're not actually allowed to sit on. She might prefer you to take your shoes off in the house, and there's likely not a speck of dust in sight. She has an understated and timeless beauty, a sense of poise and intelligence. 

If any of this sounds familiar, then The Mel is the perfect bunch of Mother’s Day flowers for her. This is a contemporary arrangement that exudes effortless elegance — just like her.

A calming sight to behold with large oriental lilies, disbud chrysanthemums, wax flowers, pixie sims and alstroemerias, this pure white bouquet is definitely a classic favourite. Mum can use it as a statement decor centrepiece anywhere in the home!

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The Paris Pink & White Mother's Day Flowers

For the New or Young Mum: The Paris

If it's her first Mother's Day, you definitely want to treat her to a really special bunch of flowers that she'll always remember. That is undoubtedly our Paris bouquet.

The pastel hues of The Paris will definitely impress and delight the new or young mum in your life this Mother’s Day with splashes of pink roses, large disbud chrysanthemums, veronicas, carnations, and adorable hypericum berries. Get it delivered right to her doorstep so you can show her your heartfelt appreciation. 

Did you know that carnations are the official flowers for Mother's Day? According to Ms. Anna Jarvis — founder of Mother's Day in the United States — the best colour to gift mum is the white carnation, as it represents all the virtues of motherhood, but pink carnations symbolise life.

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Seasonal Flower Subscription Mother's Day

For the Mum Who Adores Flowers: A Floraly Flower Subscription

If Mum is a passionate flower lover at heart, then there’s really only one gift you should surprise her with — a flower subscription! 

With a Floraly flower subscription, mum gets to enjoy fresh blooms more often and have loads of fun arranging them herself. Why send her flowers only once a year when you can delight her with stunning blooms again and again and again?

You can opt for our seasonal or premium flower subscriptions — starting from $50 and $70 respectively, plus delivery. 

Take your pick from either a fixed 3, 6, or 12-month subscription, or enjoy more savings if you opt for an ongoing monthly subscription, which you can cancel at any time. 

Delivered straight to Mum’s door in our signature gift box each month, a Floraly flower subscription really is the perfect way to make her day over and over again throughout the year!

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Can I Have Flowers Delivered on Mother’s Day?

So, you’ve found the perfect bouquet of flowers, but can they be delivered on Mother’s Day? 

The beauty of sending Floraly flowers for Mother’s Day is that we take all the stress out of it for you, so you can focus on simply sending love and joy to a motherly figure in your life. 

The flowers will be delivered right to her door on the date of your choosing, beautifully packaged in our signature gift box, along with a free personalised Mother’s Day card for your special message.

We are able to deliver to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane Metro areas on Sunday May 12th 2024. However, for South Australia, ACT and other non-metro areas of NSW, QLD and VIC, the final day for pre-Mother's Day delivery is Friday May 10th 2024. So keep this in mind when you're ordering to ensure Mum doesn't miss out!

Order your Mother's Day Flowers from Floraly Today!

We can all agree that mothers are the best people in the world. This year, avoid the last-minute panic (and inevitable generic gift choice) and take some time to consider which bouquet suits mum best. 

At Floraly, we make sending stunning bouquets and posies to Mum easy as can be. Our flowers arrive in bud, so they’re fresher and can be enjoyed for longer than bouquets that are already fully bloomed. We also include a card for your personal Mother's Day message and a little flower care booklet to help you ensure our bouquets keep looking their best after delivery.

You can already pre-order your Mother’s Day flowers on our website. So why not beat the rush and secure yours today, while it’s fresh in your mind!

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