Bouqs Australia

There’s no Bouqs Australia, but there is Floraly!

Searching for global brands in the florist world will lead relatively few results. In our opinion most of the coolest brands in the floristry world have so far been limited to one or only a handful of nearby countries. One of our favourite online florists based in the US is The Bouqs or more formally known as The Bouqs Company. They were one of the earlier florist companies to start doing things a bit different to the traditional big players and amalgamation florist services but on a large scale.

The Bouqs Australia

Whilst there is currently no Bouqs Australia, there is Floraly in Australia!

The Bouqs are based in California in the USA and deliver flowers nationwide

Some more info about The Bouqs Company

The Bouqs Co was founded around 8 years ago in 2012 with an ethos that focuses more on the environment, people and the way flowers are grown. The Bouqs were one of the earlier champions of farm direct sourcing of flowers and they partner with farmers that use sustainable growing practices. This means they cut out a lot of the middlemen and deliver fresher flowers.

Bouqs Australia


The Bouqs are part of a trend of new flower delivery companies largely funded by Silocon Valley investors. Another good examples in the US is Urban Stems. There is no UrbanStems in Australia currently as they operate only in the US delivering from coast to coast.

Other companies that are following in similar lines to the Bouqs are Bloom and Wild in the UK, Colvin in Spain and Floraly in Australia.

Flower delivery Australia

Many of these companies have been successful in raising large sums of money to fund their growth. Some have started to expand outside of their home countries, like Bloom and Wild moving into Ireland, France and Germany. The Bouqs raised $30 million to expand into Japan but we are not sure how that has progressed since Covid19 arrived.

Tell me more about Floraly

Floraly was founded in Australia and like The Bouqs company has a strong environmental and social conscience. Floraly’s mission is to eliminate waste from the flower industry. Flowers are sourced fresh after you have made the order to limit waste and ensure the flowers you receive are still in bud and last as long as possible.

Flower subscription

Floraly delivers beautiful, fresh flowers all around Australia. The concept of flowers delivered fresh in a letterbox-sized gift box has been received very well in Australia with Floraly experiencing a huge demand for flowers delivered in this way.

Does Floraly work the same as The Bouqs Company?

Whilst there are of course differences between Floraly and the Bouqs they both come from a newer breed of online flower gifting services. They both have a strong focus on making sure the way they operate and source their products is better for the planet and the people that live within it.


If you are based in the US and looking for flower delivery, we would highly recommend trying The Bouqs Company. They have a huge range of constantly changing beautiful bouquets. Our most recent favourite is the Sunglow, a sunflower filled bouquet that just glows with happiness.

What else is interesting about Bloom and Wild and Floraly?

Both companies also have a subscription service which allows customers to send the gift of a flower subscription which is a great option to send for someone’s birthday, anniversary, Christmas. Equally many people are just signing up to a flower subscription for themselves or their business.

Flower delivery Sydney

Floraly offers the option to purchase a 3, 6- or 12-month subscription of either their Bright and Beautiful seasonal selection or Premium bouquets

The Bouqs offer an ongoing subscription service that you can cancel easily at any time. The Bouqs offer the option of a weekly, bi weekly, monthly or bi monthly subscription. These can be ordered currently from 4 collections:

  • Farmers Market
  • Classics
  • Roses
  • Seasonal
Flower delivery Australia

We think sending a subscription or buying a subscription for yourself is a fantastic idea. The feedback we have had has been amazing as who wouldn’t want to receive a beautiful bouquet delivered to their door every month.

Send flowers Australia

If you are looking to send flowers to someone outside of Australia here are a few of our recommendations around the world:

The Bouqs co (USA)

Urban Stems (USA)

Bloom and Wild (UK, Ireland, France, Germany)

The Colvin (Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany)