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Interflora Australia. How to send Interflora flowers anywhere in Australia

What is Interflora Australia?

Interflora Australia is a website for ordering and sending flowers in Australia. Interflora do not own Florists or physically put together or deliver flowers. Interflora is essentially a booking site for people to order flowers through. These orders are then sent by Interflora Australia to one of their network of approved florists to fulfill the order. The florists pay Interflora a percentage of the value on these orders. You can send flowers with Interflora to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Darwin and to pretty much anywhere else in Australia. 


Interflora has been around for nearly 100 years. Indeed, Interflora was created in the UK in 1923 under the name Florista Telegraph Delivery Association.

Florists welcomed the introduction of this service as Interflora was essentially a channel for them to get more orders for their flower shops.

Interflora have a large flower delivery network. They cover almost 150 countries and have around 50,000 florists as part of their Network. Interflora Australia have around 750 florists as part of their network. Interflora has been delivering flowers in Australia for over 60 years.

On June 3rd 2019 Interflora UK were acquired by Teleflora the world’s leading floral wire service for $59.5 million USD.

Give me more information about Floraly

Floraly is not part of the Interflora Australia network of florists. Floraly do not operate through any flower network. We design source and send all our flower bouquets ourselves. This way we are fully responsible for creating what our customers receive and offer a 100% happiness guarantee.

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Floraly is more similar to the UK Flower gifting service Bloom & Wild. Bloom and Wild invented the concept of letterbox flowers, where flowers still in bud are packed up and sent to customers in a beautiful gift box often through the mail. In the UK the shape of the boxes is important as they fit through most letterboxes meaning no one has to be home for the delivery.  We source our flowers after you have ordered them thus eliminated a large amount of waste from the supply chain.

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Floraly was founded in Australia and like Bloom and Wild we are known for the letterbox flower concept. All our flowers are sent out in our bespoke giftboxes that that can either be posted through a letter box or left outside a door as the flowers are protected by the box enabling deliveries to recipients while they are not at home. This concept of flower gifting has become hugely popular in Australia recently.

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How to send flowers with Interflora Australia

Interflora will send flowers almost anywhere in Australia. To buy flowers with Interflora you simply type Interflora Australia into your browser or You can select the location from a drop-down menu or simply enter the postcode. This will bring up all the flower bouquets that are available for you to send to that location. You then select the bouquet that you like the look of and price. Interflora then offer you the ability to choose the standard or premium size and to add on a gift like a bottle of wine or chocolates. The next step is to click on order now. This then takes you through to the order summary page which shows the delivery cost ($13.00 in my case to Sydney). You can add in a promo code and then select order now again. The interflora website then offers you the ability to either log in, check out as a guest or register. The next page allows you to put in the recipients details a card message (maximum 255 characters) and any special delivery instructions. Once you have done that you get another summary page confirming delivery date and final pricing including shipping. You then click continue and are prompted to select a payment method e.g Credit card, PayPal, Afterpay or Zip. Once you make your selection you get to the final page where you enter your credit card details in and make the payment.

The order you have made is then sent to the florist in the Interflora Australia network that services the location you are sending flowers to. They then make up the bouquet you have selected and send it out to your recipient.

Does Floraly work the same as Interflora Australia?

The simple answer is no. As mentioned, before we are not a member of the Interflora Australia florist network and we do not outsource any of your orders to another provider.


Floraly is an online floral gifting service. We do everything in house from designing the bouquets, sourcing the flowers, and preparing your bouquet selection for delivery. We like to think we have created an new flower giving experience that is different to anything else you will find in Australia.

Floraly will deliver your selected flowers in our bespoke gift box to almost anywhere in Australia.

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