What Colour Flowers are Appropriate for a Funeral?

What Colour Flowers are Appropriate for a Funeral?

The right colour bouquet can help you express your condolences, especially when words don’t quite feel like enough.

While flowers are there for us at many of the most joyful times in life, they’re also present for some of the saddest, including funerals.

Sending flowers for a funeral is a time-honoured tradition. The right bouquet can help you express your condolences, especially when words don’t quite feel like enough. 

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Unlike most other occasions, there are some unwritten rules when it comes to choosing funeral or condolence flowers. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at what flower colours are most appropriate for a funeral. 

If you're wondering what colour flowers you should send for a funeral, read on to learn about this key component of funeral flower etiquette.

What flower colours are best for funerals?

The Mel, a funeral bouquet of white lilies

Which colour flowers you send will ultimately depend upon how close you were to the deceased and to their family. The “mood” of the funeral can also play a part. For some, funerals are a time for mourning, while others prefer to use the occasion to celebrate the life of the deceased.

White flowers

Traditionally, white is the colour of choice for most funeral and condolence flowers. In the language of flowers, white flowers represent peace, innocence and purity. This makes them a perfect fit for funerals, as well as weddings and baby showers.

White flowers are elegant and understated in their beauty. They’re not too bright or too flashy, so there’ll be no risk of sending the wrong message. This makes white flowers an ideal choice if you weren’t necessarily close to the deceased or their family.

Examples of popular white funeral flowers include white lilies, white roses, white orchids and white chrysanthemums.

The Imogen, a white rose funeral bouquet

The Imogen is one of our most popular sympathy bouquets. It contains a seasonal mix of white roses, white pom pom chrysanthemums and white lisianthus. Alternatively, we also have The Mel, which features white Oriental lilies, white disbud chrysanthemums and white alstroemeria.

Whether you’re sending flowers to the bereaved’s home or to the funeral home, bouquets of white flowers are always a safe bet.

Alternatives to white funeral flowers

There are definitely other options if you don’t want to send an all-white bouquet. Again, the colours you choose will depend upon your relationship with the deceased and their family, as well as the atmosphere of the funeral. 

Pastel funeral bouquets

The Maddie, a pastel pink & white funeral bouquet

If you don’t want to send white flowers but still want to play it relatively safe, choose bouquets with pastel-coloured flowers. Blooms in pale shades of pink, blue and purple will all help you convey love and sympathy in a considerate, elegant and appropriate way.

Our Maddie bouquet is a great example. With a delicate mix of pale pink and white roses, sim carnations, chrysanthemums and alstroemeria, The Maddie will help you express your condolences with just a little more colour and warmth than an all-white bouquet. 

Vibrant funeral bouquets

The Isolde, a joyful sunflower bouquet

If the funeral is more about celebrating the life of the individual who’s passed, a vibrant and cheerful bouquet may be appropriate. A colourful bouquet may also be a good option if you’re sending sympathy flowers and your goal is to cheer up or send love to the bereaved. 

Our Marissa and Ophelia bouquets both feature blooms in warm, bright tones. They’ll help put a smile on your loved one’s face in what’s undoubtedly a difficult time, without being too over the top. 

Another cheerful option from our range is our Isolde bouquet, which features a mix of joyful yellow sunflowers and contrasting purple blooms. And speaking of sunflowers, a simple bunch of sunflowers will never fail to cheer someone up.

Native flower funeral bouquets

Seasonal Australian Native flowers

Australian native flowers and foliage are also a great choice for funerals. In earthy shades of red, yellow, green and even orange, they are uniquely beautiful without being over-the-top flashy.

Given their hardy and enduring nature, natives are particularly appropriate if the deceased has battled a long illness. They’re also ideal if the deceased had a particularly strong connection with Australia, or if they served in the defense force.

Our Seasonal Natives bouquet features a mixture of the best and most beautiful native blooms of the season. Flowers you might find include banksia, wattle, eucalyptus and waxflower, as well as non-Australian natives like protea and conebush.

Flower colours and their meanings

Pink roses in a glass vase on a rattan tray

You may feel that none of the above options feel quite right, and that’s okay!

We’ve already discussed what white flowers symbolise (peace, innocence and purity). But to help you choose the best funeral and condolence flowers for your friends or family members, here’s a quick list of the different colour meanings of flowers:

  • Pink flowers represent love, both romantic and non-romantic, as well as happiness, friendship, innocence and sensitivity. Examples: Roses, carnations, lilies, peonies and tulips

  • Red flowers represent deep, romantic love and passion, as well as warmth, courage, remembrance and respect. Examples: roses, poppies, gerberas and carnations

  • Yellow flowers represent joy, happiness, positivity, friendship and fun. Examples: Sunflowers, tulips, lilies and wattle

  • Orange flowers represent energy, excitement, positivity and happiness. Examples: Marigolds, lilies, roses and certain types of banksia

  • Purple flowers represent royalty, admiration and respect. Examples: Iris, aster and lavender

  • Blue flowers represent peace, serenity and hope. Examples: Forget-me-nots, hydrangeas and delphinium

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