Your Guide to Romantic Valentine's Day Flowers

Your Guide to Romantic Valentine's Day Flowers

You can probably guess what's at the top of our "Best Valentine's Day Flowers" list, but what other blooms make the cut?

Valentine's Day. A day all about love and romance, celebrated across the globe on February 14th. A day that conjures mixed emotions, depending on your current relationship status. A day that's more important than any other in the flower gifting events calendar.

If you're looking for gorgeous flowers for Valentine's Day in Australia, you've come to the right place. At Floraly, you'll find beautiful, long-stemmed roses and romantic bouquets guaranteed to woo your wife or girlfriend. Pre-book now to send flowers for Valentine's Day.

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For flower ideas for Valentine's Day, keep reading! We've put together a list of the best and most romantic Valentine's Day flowers you can give to that special someone in your life.

The Best Flowers for Valentine's Day

valentine's day red roses in vase

Red Roses

What list of best Valentine's Day flowers would be complete without the iconic red rose?

Roses are the world's most popular cut flower, with hundreds of millions sold each year. And on February 14th, some 70% of roses sold by florists are red roses.

This is because roses are the classic, iconic symbol of love, romance and passion. If you want to express your love to your romantic partner, red roses are the best way to do it.

At Floraly, we are proud to source the absolute best red roses Australia has to offer, with lovely long stems and petals in the most vivid red hues.

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vase of pink roses for valentine's day

Pink Roses

Break from tradition and give your lover a bunch of beautiful pink roses. Unlike red roses, pink roses symbolise all different kinds of love, like the love between best friends or a mother and daughter, as well as romantic love.

For this reason, not only can pink roses be gifted to your romantic partner, they also make a lovely Galentine's gift for your friends. They also make a sweet gesture for Mum, for your sister or for any other important woman in your life whom you want to express your love to.

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bunch of red tiger lilies

Red Lilies

Searching for romantic flowers that aren't roses? Lilies may be the answer you're looking for.

Superbly fragrant and one of the most impressive flowers to see bloom, red lilies make a wonderful alternative to red roses on Valentine's Day. Like red roses, red lilies are symbols of love and passion.

One thing to note is that lilies are toxic to cats, so be cautious of sending these to your wife or girlfriend if she has one.

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dark pink carnations for valentine's day


Delicate, ruffled carnations are one of the most popular alternatives to roses at any time of year. This is largely because carnations symbolise devotion, love, fascination and distinction. This makes them ideal for sending to that person whom you hold most dear.

While pink or red carnations are by far the most popular colour to send, one carnation colour to avoid is yellow. In the language of flowers, yellow carnations are symbols of rejection and disappointment—definitely not the message you want to be sending on Valentine's Day.

hot pink dahlias in a vase


Want to show your eternal love to your wife or girlfriend? Dahlias are the perfect flowers for the job.

In the Victorian Era, when floriography became popular and flowers were given to convey secret messages, the dahlia flower was known as a symbol of eternal love and commitment. 

For this reason, we think dahlias are one of the most romantic Valentine's Day flowers you can give someone.

purple orchid plant for valentine's day


While cut flowers are certainly beautiful, it's sadly true that most don't last much longer than a week in a vase. If you're looking for longer-lasting Valentine's Day flowers, why not gift your sweetheart an orchid plant?

Orchids have a bit of a reputation for being a little finicky. It may be true that they need a little extra care and devotion to keep blossoming—but the same can be said for a relationship! 

When properly cared for, an orchid will blossom again and again, year after year, and serve as an ongoing reminder of your love and commitment.

valentine's day tulips

What about tulips?

Tulips, along with peonies and buttercups, are popular Valentine's Day flowers in some parts of the world. In Australia, though, Valentine's Day falls right at the height of summer in February.

Sadly, these romantic flowers are out of season in Australia at this time of year. 

Best Valentine's Day Flower Arrangements

While single-variety flowers are beautiful, an extravagant Valentine's Day bouquet will really take your partner's breath away.

You'll find plenty of stunning Valentine's Day flower arrangements in our collection, featuring many of the blooms mentioned above. 

Here are some of our favourite bouquets for Valentine's Day.

the rosa pink and red rose bouquet

The Rosa

Can't decide between red or pink roses? The Rosa gives you the best of both worlds. Featuring a mix of elegant red and dark pink roses, the Rosa is the ultimate expression of love and passion.

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the paris pink and white bouquet

The Paris

The Paris is one of our most popular bouquets year-round, and it's easy to see why! This oversized bouquet features a selection of pretty pastel pink and white blooms, including roses, carnations and chrysanthemums.

Not only is The Paris the perfect bouquet to give to your wife or girlfriend this Valentine's Day, she's also a wonderful bunch to give your besties for Galentine's Day!

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the camille spring garden bouquet

The Camille

This spring garden-inspired bouquet features a generous mix of pastel blooms, including roses, gerbera daisies and statice. The Camille is bright, cheerful and so beautiful, the perfect way to brighten up your partner's Valentine's Day.

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the gemma bouquet floraly

The Gemma

Another beauty for Galentine's or Valentine's gifting is our Gemma bouquet. Featuring a mix of dahlias, chrysanthemums, roses and other blooms, this is the kind of bouquet that will make people stop and stare.

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shop seasonal natives

Seasonal Natives

Our Seasonal Natives bunch is beautiful at any time of year. These hardy blooms are long-lasting, meaning your partner will get to enjoy them for long after Valentine's Day has passed.

These understated wildflowers are perfect to give to someone who doesn't need all the flashiness and extravagance that usually comes with Valentine's Day. 

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the serena pink dried flowers bouquet

The Serena

Have you considered sending dried flowers for Valentine's Day? With proper care, dried flowers can last up to a year or longer, meaning your lucky recipient can enjoy their beauty for a long, long time.

For Valentine's Day, our top dried flower pick would have to be The Serena. This pink dried flower arrangement is a real show-stopper.

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Send flowers for Valentine's Day

At Floraly, we believe in the joy that flower gifting can bring at any time of year. But there's no day quite so synonymous with flower gifting as Valentine's Day.

This February 14th, don't rush at the last minute to the closest florist in the hopes of finding some red roses before it closes. Send flowers for Valentine's Day with us, and we'll handle everything for you.

We have a range of stunning floral arrangements and single-variety blooms to help you show your wife, girlfriend or whomever just how much you love them on this most romantic of holidays.

From red roses to pink roses, sunflowers to dahlias, carnations to chrysanthemums, you'll find the most beautiful blooms in our collection.

We also have a range of Valentine's Day gifts, including gourmet chocolate truffles, sparkling wine and more. 

We'll deliver your Valentine's Day flowers to your partner's doorstep or even to their workplace in our signature gift box. We also include a free card for your personal message, so don't forget to write your romantic declaration at the checkout!

Explore our range of Valentine's Day flowers and gifts today. 

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