Dahlias & Dahlia Bouquets

Dahlias are among the brightest and most beautiful summer blooms. Symbolising eternal love, a dahlia bouquet is the perfect way to send joy to someone you love. Here, you'll find a selection of dahlia flower bouquets as well as options that don't feature dahlias, but are just as beautiful.

When peonies and buttercups go out of season at the end of spring, thankfully there are dahlias to step into their beautiful shoes. Flowering in a range of shapes and colours (there are over 50,000 different varieties!), dahlias add plenty of colour and character to floral arrangements.

As symbols of love and devotion, dahlias are a perfect alternative to red roses on Valentine's Day. Other meanings associated with the dahlia flower include standing out from the crowd and forging your own path (making dahlias an ideal graduation flower), finding inner strength (the perfect get well soon bloom) and staying graceful and remaining kind in high-pressure situations. Plus, dahlias are also the traditional flower of a 14th wedding anniversary.

Send joy to someone you care about on their birthday or other special occasion with our dahlia flower bouquets.

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