July Birth Flowers & Meanings: Water Lily & Larkspur

July Birth Flowers & Meanings: Water Lily & Larkspur

This guide shares everything you need to know about the two July birth flowers, the larkspur and the waterlily.

If you’re intrigued by birth flowers and their meanings, then you’ll love reading up on the July birth flowers, the water lily and the larkspur. 

While they’re strikingly different from one another, they both embody the aquatic energy that the cancer zodiac sign (and therefore July babies) are so well known for. From their striking blue colours to the fact that they thrive in water, these flowers are special in so many ways. They truly add a unique touch to celebrations, whether they’re for yourself or a July-born loved one.

Read on to discover everything you need to know about July birth flowers and their meanings, and how you can make your loved one’s July birthday special.

What is the Birth Flower for July?

The birth flowers for July are the water lily and the larkspur. 

These are two stunning flowers with rich symbolism and history behind them! Let’s take a closer look at each flower.

pink water lilies

July Birth Flower #1: The Waterlily 

The serene water lily traces back to the Amazonian regions, and unlike most flowers that grow in soil, the water lily thrives in gentle bodies of water. Think lakes, ponds and aquariums.

Their roots run deep into the bed of soil, while their leaves and flowers emerge and float on the water’s surface, creating a vision so tranquil even Monet himself featured them in his iconic paintings. 

You can find this July birth flower blooming from October through to March in Australia, with each bloom lasting only days, until the flower submerges and its lifecycle comes to an end.

Because these aquatic blooms are quite rare and unique, finding them in a birthday bouquet may be difficult. Instead, they would make a timeless birthday present in the form of a seedling or plant to thrive in an indoor aquarium or decorative pond. 

Part of the Nymphaeaceae family, there are over 70 species of water lilies, all with striking colours and variations. And of course, with each colour comes a different meaning. 

blue water lilies

Water Lily Flower Meaning

Just by looking at these flowers, you know the water lily means something special. How often do you see a flower thriving in water? Not very often! So it’s no surprise that these birth flowers are one of a kind. 

Because water lilies are so unique, you’ll find they symbolise a range of things, all stemming from a pure, majestic place.

For example, water lilies are often associated with birth and resurrection because of their striking ability to emerge from the water.

Because of their often white petals, you’ll also find them symbolising purity and majesty. But the most interesting thing the water lily symbolises is enlightenment.

Water lilies symbolise enlightenment because of the environment they grow from. Deep below the water’s surface, water lilies grow from the sludge of the water bed, which is not the most aesthetically pleasing conditions to grow in. Yet despite that, they blossom into a beautiful flower and defy all the difficulties any other flower would face. All without a streak of sludge or mud on the lily pad or flower itself to show where they’ve come from.

On top of the general symbols and meanings of this July birth flower, water lilies have additional meanings that associate with their vibrant colours:

  • White water lilies symbolise purity and mental purity
  • Purple water lilies symbolise power
  • Red water lilies symbolise pure love and romance
  • Blue water lilies symbolise the power of knowledge.

Water lilies are often confused with lotus flowers, owing to their similar shapes and habitats. You can learn all about the meaning and history of lotus flowers in our blog article.

purple and blue larkspurs

July Birth Flower #2: Larkspur

Larkspurs, also known as delphinium, are incredible flowers with delicate petals in vibrant colours like indigo, pink and true blue. You’ll find them growing tall, with 20 flowers on one single spike.

These bell-shaped flowers thrive in the summertime, and because they grow up to a generous two metres tall, they’re often used as decorative fencing by resourceful green thumbs. 

Wondering why this flower has two names? You’re not alone. The first name, delphinium, originated from the Ancient Greek word "delphis", meaning dolphin. They named this flower so due to the unique shape of the flower’s bulb, which they thought resembled a dolphin’s nose. 

The second name, ‘larkspur’, was given to the flower much later by the English. Sticking with the animal theme, they named this vibrant flower after the claws of a lark, a kind of songbird.

Unlike the water lily, the larkspur is sure to make a statement in birthday flowers! These striking blooms make the perfect vertical accent for a bouquet or vase flower arrangement. 

With over 400 different varieties, the numerous different colours and features make this flower intricate and exciting. And just like the water lily, each colour of larkspur comes with its own unique meaning and symbolism. 

pink and purple larkspurs in a field

Larkspur Birth Flower Symbolism

When you gaze at a bundle of larkspurs, it’s easy to feel uplifted and joyful, so it’s not a stretch to see what they could possibly symbolise. In fact, larkspurs have three major meanings: positive sentiment, celebration, and protection. 

Positive Sentiment

Larkspurs symbolise all things joy and good will. They’re commonly associated with cheerfulness and happiness, and can even symbolise positive communication or interaction.

So, whether it’s a joyful birthday celebration or just because, these flowers would make a perfect addition to any mantle piece. 


It’s no surprise that these flowers symbolise celebration. But it’s important to note that they don’t just symbolise the celebration of life’s big milestones, but also the small wins.  


Lastly, larkspurs have a long history of being used for protection. They were once used to ward off scorpions and help heal scorpion stings. From then on, this wonderful flower was associated with warding off evil spirits and negative energy.

In a way, the symbolism of the larkspur doesn’t just bring joy, but protects it too. Which makes this flower unique in its own right. 

Just like the water lily, the meaning of this flower extends with the colours it portrays. For example:

  • True blue larkspurs symbolise grace and dignity
  • Light blue larkspurs symbolise youth, success, new life and remembrance
  • Purple larkspurs symbolise beauty and royalty
  • White larkspurs symbolise purity, innocence and spirituality
  • Pink larkspurs symbolise romance and love.


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