Best Flowers to send on Mother’s Day

I think we can all agree that mothers are the best people in the world. They are real life superheroes who can do anything. ANYTHING! And when it comes to showing them how much we love and cherish them, we often get stuck on thinking what to give to make sure they feel appreciated.

Mother's day is just around the corner and with that being said, I'm pretty sure most of us are now thinking of the best Mother's Day gifts that we can give to our mum. 


Mother’s Day is on Sunday the 9th of May 2021.

Mother’s Day always falls on the second Sunday in May, and as a result the exact date of Mother’s Day in Australia changes every year. This year, Mother’s Day is on the 9th of May.

Mother’s Day is a date not to forget if you want to be in your mother’s good books!

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Because of the pandemic that we are currently facing, getting presents may be a little trickier this year. No need to worry though as it is very easy to surprise your mum with one of the best quarantine Mother's Day gift out there.

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Flowers are usually what comes to mind when you think of Mother’s Day. And it might actually be the perfect way to show them how you feel about them. As we all know, different flowers symbolize different things and if you are someone who wants to convey your feelings through flowers, then we got you! Here are five of the best flowers that you can give to your mum this Mother’s Day and what they symbolize.


Aside from the fact the these blooms are also known as "Mums", this flower is also in season and blooming in May. This pretty blossom symbolize longevity, fidelity, joy and optimism. What could be more perfect than this?

best flowers to give on Mother's day


Carnations are beautiful blooms that are mostly associated with Mother’s day. This flower symbolizes admiration, pure love and affection. They are long lasting as well so your mum will definitely be reminded of your love every day for up to two weeks whenever she sees these beauties!

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Of course! The classic, beautiful roses are always one of the best flower you can give to your mum. These blooms have different meanings depending on its colors.

You get to have a lot of options but the best thing to do is to just mix them all up in one grand bouquet!



These elegant blooms symbolize perfect love! A totally perfect way to express your love to your mum! These beauties are easy to maintain as well and usually last for five to 12 days!

Mothers day


Often associated with rebirth and motherhood, lilies are also a great flower to give this Mother’s day! These blossom, just like any other flowers, have different meanings depending on its color but generally symbolize devotion and purity.

Best Mothers Day flowers


Last but definitely not the least! These pretty flowers symbolize childbirth, motherhood, and new beginnings. So if you want to congratulate a new mom, this flower is the perfect choice for that!

Mothers day florists

With all these beautiful flowers available to you, it’s not surprising to get overwhelmed and be indecisive of what kind of flowers you want to give. The thing is, you actually have the option to NOT CHOOSE. Although Mother’s Day only lasts for a day, the love that we have for our mothers lasts a lifetime. So don’t choose. Instead, you can send a totally different arrangement every month whether it be for 3 months, 6, or for as long as a year! Subscription gifts have become a real trend in the gifting world and I couldn’t think of any other person who deserves to receive multiple gifts than our mothers. Not only will it make them happy but will also remind them of how amazing and special they are!

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