Send flowers to Australia

How to send flowers to Australia from the USA

It can be hard to live apart from loved ones, especially on those special occasions.

Fortunately, you can have your presence felt with just a few clicks — and we’re not talking about sending a text!

Why not surprise your long-distance loved one with a beautiful bunch of fresh blooms? Whether it’s their birthday, graduation, or just a regular Tuesday, you can brighten their day with an unexpected, breath-taking bouquet. 

But how should you go about sending flowers to someone on the other side of the world?

In this guide, we’ll take a look at how to send flowers to Australia from the United States.

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Send Flowers to Australia from the USA

How to Send Flowers to Someone in Australia

So, you’re in the USA, and you’ve made the wonderful decision to send flowers to Australia. 

The process might seem like a head-scratcher, but it’s more straightforward than you may think. 

The trickiest part is navigating time zones!

How to Send Flowers to Australia from the United States

When sending flowers to Australia from the USA, time zones matter.

For example, sending flowers from the USA to Sydney requires a little extra planning as some big-time differences are involved.

Sydney is around 16 hours ahead of the western United States and 13 hours ahead of the eastern states. What this means is it can be exceedingly confusing to send same-day flowers from the USA to Australia, as it's likely already the next day by the time you decide what bunch to send!

So, if your loved one’s birthday is approaching, it’s best to organise your delivery ahead of time.  

We've put together a time zone calculator below to minimise your research and planning time. You can then ensure you have enough time to deliver flowers for that special date or occasion.

The table of time zones below shows each of the six time zones in the US and the corresponding time in AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). 

Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne all fall under AEST. Where the times are coloured blue, this indicates that that time zone in the US is currently one day behind AEST. For example, 1 PM PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) is 6 AM the next day in Sydney.

4:00 AM* 7:00 AM* 8:00 AM* 8:00 AM* 9:00 AM* 11:00 AM* 12:00 AM
5:00 AM* 8:00 AM* 9:00 AM* 9:00 AM* 10:00 AM* 12:00 PM* 1:00 AM
6:00 AM* 9:00 AM* 10:00 AM* 10:00 AM* 11:00 AM* 1:00 PM* 2:00 AM
7:00 AM* 10:00 AM* 11:00 AM* 11:00 AM* 12:00 PM* 2:00 PM* 3:00 AM
8:00 AM* 11:00 AM* 12:00 PM* 12:00 PM* 1:00 PM* 3:00 PM* 4:00 AM
9:00 AM* 12:00 PM* 1:00 PM* 1:00 PM* 2:00 PM* 4:00 PM* 5:00 AM
10:00 AM* 1:00 PM* 2:00 PM* 2:00 PM* 3:00 PM* 5:00 PM* 6:00 AM
11:00 AM* 2:00 PM* 3:00 PM* 3:00 PM* 4:00 PM* 6:00 PM* 7:00 AM
12:00 PM* 3:00 PM* 4:00 PM* 4:00 PM* 5:00 PM* 7:00 PM* 8:00 AM
1:00 PM* 4:00 PM* 5:00 PM* 5:00 PM* 6:00 PM* 8:00 PM* 9:00 AM
2:00 PM* 5:00 PM* 6:00 PM* 6:00 PM* 7:00 PM* 9:00 PM* 10:00 AM
3:00 PM* 6:00 PM* 7:00 PM* 7:00 PM* 8:00 PM* 10:00 PM* 11:00 AM
4:00 PM* 7:00 PM* 8:00 PM* 8:00 PM* 9:00 PM* 11:00 PM* 12:00 PM
5:00 PM* 8:00 PM* 9:00 PM* 9:00 PM* 10:00 PM* 12:00 AM 1:00 PM
6:00 PM* 9:00 PM* 10:00 PM* 10:00 PM* 11:00 PM* 1:00 AM 2:00 PM
7:00 PM* 10:00 PM* 11:00 PM* 11:00 PM* 12:00 AM 2:00 AM 3:00 PM
8:00 PM* 11:00 PM* 12:00 AM 12:00 AM 1:00 AM 3:00 AM 4:00 PM
9:00 PM* 12:00 AM 1:00 AM 1:00 AM 2:00 AM 4:00 AM 5:00 PM
10:00 PM* 1:00 AM 2:00 AM 2:00 AM 3:00 AM 5:00 AM 6:00 PM
11:00 PM* 2:00 AM 3:00 AM 3:00 AM 4:00 AM 6:00 AM 7:00 PM
12:00 AM 3:00 AM 4:00 AM 4:00 AM 5:00 AM 7:00 AM 8:00 PM
1:00 AM 4:00 AM 5:00 AM 5:00 AM 6:00 AM 8:00 AM 9:00 PM
2:00 AM 5:00 AM 6:00 AM 6:00 AM 7:00 AM 9:00 AM 10:00 PM
3:00 AM 6:00 AM 7:00 AM 7:00 AM 8:00 AM 10:00 AM 11:00 PM


With a little planning (and the help of this handy time zone chart), sending flowers from America to metro Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth is fairly easy. 

However, it’s important to note that sending flowers to regional areas of Australia can be even more challenging. 

Regional areas typically have fewer local florist options, so you’ll need to research to find the perfect supplier who can send flowers to Australia on your day of choice. At Floraly, we deliver to many regional areas of NSW, QLD and VIC.

Note: During the warmer months of the year, some eastern areas of Australia implement Daylight Saving Time (DST). Australians in NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, the ACT and Norfolk Island advance their clocks one hour forward during this period.

AEDT is followed from the first Sunday in October to the first Sunday in April, so be mindful of this, and of your own clock adjustments at home, if you’re planning to send flowers to Australia during this time.

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How to Choose the Best International Flower Delivery Service

It’s tricky enough to choose an Australian florist when you’re living in Australia, but picking one from the USA can be a real challenge!

Fortunately, many florists now offer online ordering services, so you won’t have to rack up a significant phone bill just to put your order through.

At Floraly, we’re committed to creating a seamless online florist experience so that you can send flowers to Australia with minimal fuss. 

We deliver to the following locations: 

Our mission is to become Australia’s most loved and sustainable flower gifting company, so rest assured that you’re in good hands. 

We focus on the journey from bud to bloom, meaning we send flowers while they’re still in bud. The flowers are then able to bloom in the recipient’s home and last longer. 

For our friends overseas looking to send flowers to Australia, we aim to make your gift-giving experience as effortless as possible. We only source flowers after you’ve ordered them, which saves waste and ensures your loved one gets the freshest blooms possible.

How to Send Flowers to Australia from the USA with Floraly

Here’s how to send flowers to Australia with us at Floraly. 

Firstly, you’ll need to pick the location of your loved one from our drop-down ‘Shop’ menu. You’ll then be shown the bouquets available for delivery in that state.

Next comes the fun part! Choosing the perfect bouquet. More on this in a bit. 

Once you’ve chosen your bouquet or posy, it’s time to add it to your cart. Depending on the blooms you choose, you may be given the option of different bouquet sizes. For some of our bouquets, we also offer the option of sending them hand-tied with an elegant vase!

Now, you’re ready to check out. Here’s where you pop in your recipient’s postcode, and when you can schedule the date of delivery. Time to refer back to that time zone calculator to make sure you have the right day.

Sending flowers to Australia really is that simple! 

No matter which bouquet you choose, we will package it up into our beautiful signature gift box and send your fresh or dried flowers to your loved one in Australia. 

Which Flowers Should I Send?

You can’t really go wrong with a beautiful bouquet, so whichever bunch you pick, we're sure your loved one will be thrilled by the surprise. 

If you’re not sure where to begin, we’ve put together categories to point you in the right direction. Here are some ideas for flowers to send to Australia based on the occasion:

Top tip: If your loved one is new to living in Australia, consider sending some Australian natives. Australian native flowers are unique and breath-taking and are the perfect symbol to celebrate your loved one’s big move. Most varieties of Australian natives are also quite hardy, so they’ll typically last longer than traditional floral bouquets and continue to look beautiful when dried. 

Send Australian Natives & Wildflowers to Australia from the US

A Final Word from Floraly on How to Send Flowers to Australia

Now that you know how to send flowers to Australia from the USA, it’s time to start shopping! 

All you need to do is pick your bouquet and delivery date, and we’ll take care of the rest. Your loved one will be grateful and touched by your generous gesture. 

If you have a question about how to send flowers to Australia, we’re here to help. You can contact us anytime for assistance. 

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