Valentine's Day Flowers for Romantic & Platonic Loves

Valentine's Day Flowers for Romantic & Platonic Loves

Red roses. Zinnias. Sunflowers. Here are the best Valentine's Day flowers to send to anyone you love on February 14th.

What is the meaning of Valentine’s Day? Most would tell you that Valentine’s Day is a day all about love and romance.

While romantic love is definitely the focus, there’s been a shift towards celebrating other kinds of love in recent years, like the love between friends and family.

If you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day flowers for someone you love, whether they’re your partner, a family member or a friend, be sure to check out our Valentine’s Day flower collection. 

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At Floraly, we offer express Valentine’s Day flower delivery, so you can surprise your loved ones with beautiful blooms and thoughtful gifts delivered straight to their doorstep on February 14th.

Of course, if you’re still wondering what flowers to buy for Valentine’s Day, check out our guide below for the best Valentine’s Day flowers for romantic and platonic loves.

Valentine’s Day Flowers for Romantic Loves

red roses over a woman's shoulder

Red Roses

What list of Valentine’s Day flowers would be complete without red roses? These iconic blooms are synonymous with February 14th and are the universal symbol of romantic love and passion.

At Floraly, we’re proud to source the absolute best long-stemmed red roses to help you show that special someone in your life just how much you adore them.

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pink cafe au lait dahlias


In the Victorian Era, dahlias symbolised eternal love and devotion. This makes dahlias a wonderful alternative to red roses for Valentine’s Day. These showy summer blooms come in an array of beautiful, vibrant colours, but be warned: dahlias do not have a long vase life once cut.

woman holding pink and red tulips


Tulips represent “perfect love” and, in the Victorian age, to give someone tulips was to say “I declare my love for you”.

Red tulips are especially perfect for Valentine’s Day, as they symbolise romance and passion. 

woman holding red lilies


One of the most visually impressive flowers and often one of the most beautifully fragrant as well, lilies are another great option for Valentine’s Day.

Red lilies symbolise unconditional love and passion, making them a perfect addition to Valentine’s Day bouquets.

pink gladiolus


The gladiolus flower gets its name from the Latin word gladius, which means “little sword.”

Fittingly, in floriography, gladiolus flowers said that “you pierce my heart”. This makes these a lovely choice for giving to that special someone who pierces your own heart.

Gladioli come in a range of different colours, but red gladioli are especially perfect for Valentine’s Day, as red is the colour of romance, love and passion.

white myrtle flower


Myrtle flowers symbolise love and affection. This fragrant blossom is associated with the Egyptian and Greek goddesses of love (Hathor and Aphrodite) and often features in wedding ceremonies, but myrtle flowers can also be given on Valentine’s Day to the one you love.

orange blossoms

Orange blossoms

Like dahlias, orange blossoms symbolised eternal love in the Victorian language of flowers. They are another popular wedding flower with ties to a Greek goddess, this time Hera, that can also make a sweet Valentine’s Day flower.

Valentine’s Day Flowers for Platonic Loves

hand holding pink roses

Pink roses

Pink roses make a great alternative to red roses for your wife, girlfriend or partner for Valentine’s Day.

However, pink roses also represent a gentler kind of love, like the love between best friends or a mother and daughter. Send pink roses to a special someone in your life that you love dearly, but not necessarily romantically.

woman with sunflowers on her shoulder


These happy yellow blooms are the ultimate flower to send to someone who lights up your life. There’s truly nothing quite like a bunch of golden sunflowers to brighten someone’s day. Why not send a bunch of these blooms or a sunflower bouquet to someone you hold dear this Valentine’s Day? We guarantee they won’t be expecting it!

dark pink carnations


Carnations, particularly pink carnations, symbolise a mother’s eternal love. If you’re a mum looking to send flowers to your daughter, carnations are the perfect flower to send her at any time of year. Carnations are also an ideal Mother's Day flower.

pink tulips in a field

Pink tulips

Like pink roses, pink tulips are a wonderful way to let your friend, your daughter, your mother or someone else dear to you know how much you love them. 

red pink zinnia


Zinnias are one of the best Valentine’s Day flowers for friends. This is because these delightful blooms symbolise everlasting friendship and enduring affection, making them the perfect flower to give your bestie!

Send flowers for Valentine’s Day with Floraly

Whether you’re sending flowers to your romantic partner or to someone else you love, you’ll find the best flowers for Valentine’s Day in our collection. From red roses to pink roses, extravagant bouquets to delightful posies and dried flower arrangements, we’ve got someone for everyone.

We offer express Valentine’s Day flower delivery in Sydney, Melbourne and across Australia, excluding Tasmania. That means you can skip the chaos and queues at your nearest florist on February 14th, as we’ll deliver your Valentine’s Day roses or other blooms straight to your loved one’s doorstep.

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